Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spin class and paddles picture

I went to my first ever spin class today.
I was doing my bike workout at the gym two weeks ago and one guy walked up to me and invited me to try his wife's class because he thought I might enjoy it because it is a hard class. Hard? Sweat? Bike? Sign me up!

And I did enjoy it, it was great, I loved it. It was hard. I wonder whether I will be sore tomorrow.
We did a lot of climbing and sprints and I just went loose!
I let my HR go to 191 and the average was around 163-165. 191 on a bike is smoking high. It is probably very close to my bike max. I think that maybe if someone was really pushing me than maybe I can get it to mid-190s and that would be my max but probably not higher. But who knows?

After the class the instructor told me that I did great. Well, of course what kind of am athlete would I be?
And it was kinda embarrassing when she told everyone to watch my legs on sprints- how fast, high cadence and smooth I went...It was a nice compliment of course but then everyone was watching me and I did not like that:)

I hope I go back! Next week there is no class because of a sprint break but the week after?

No ITB problem although I felt tension building up when I was trying to spin acids out.

Then I rolled a lot and did few strength exercises for ITB and then I stretched a lot. As I was stretching one lady told me that she has never saw anyone stretch so much and that it is great for me. She said she was a PT and she constantly has to remind people to stretch. Well, I am not that great stretcher but I was reading a very interesting article about definition of planets (Is Pluto a planet or not? Big question...) in Discover magazine and it was pretty long, so my stretching was long:)

And here are few pictures of my paddles. People are apparently supposed to go faster with paddles, but I go slower. I think that it might be because they are X-large size and my arms are not strong enough to move such huge area through water. Or? I wonder how large other people's (those people who are faster with paddles) paddles are.


  1. OmG those paddles are HUGE! Yes- you would be better off with smaller paddles. No wonder you're always bitching about how tired your arms are when you use them! Oh my.
    Glad the spin class was awesome. 191 is indeed high- but great to know as it helps me define your tempo zones.

  2. Those were the only ones I found and I went to more than 15 stores! But I am getting strong enough for them:)

  3. Yup, those are huge. Get a pair of small paddles (got mine online) and let the fun beging! HR 191 on the bike, I raraly see that on a run, and never on the bike! Awesome!

  4. But I AM having fun! :) And these paddles help me to see my improvement. 2 months ago I was dead after 200yards, now I can almost hold my steady swim pace for 500yards. When I can go faster with them than without them I would know that I am doing great.
    Is high HR a good thing? I need to research that.

  5. now i'm getting a sense of how well you are doing your bike workouts now that i'm on the bike all the time. 191??? OMG, you are a beast!!!!

  6. I wish I was a running beast as well:(