Sunday, March 13, 2011

ITB is healing nicely

Yeah, ITB is healing nicely. I did 6 miles today and maybe I could have continued but why risk it?
I did 35 miles this week, which is pretty solid. Still 9 miles short of the original plan but I was worried that I would not be able to get over 30 and I did so it is a success. I will just take it easy next week as well until the ITB feels good. I am saying good because it almost never feels 100%. It kinda felt 100% through February though and then bang!
But I know that I can run on it even if it does not feel 100% because that's what I did in fall. Workouts do not irritate it so all should be good to get ready for some summer races.
I realized that my first race if everything goes as planned might be in 2 months - 5k in mid-May. 2months! And I have done only 1 real speed workout so far so I freaked out a bit. So I went through my training log and realized that it is totally normal for me because in fall I had to take a month off in July, started easy running in August, then started doing workouts only in September and had a very good race at the end of October. Therefore I should be in a reasonable shape by May. Although my workout on Thursday felt harder than my first workouts in September.

Anyway, more I think about it, less point I see in analyzing this because fall is fall and spring is spring. And LA is LA and Michigan is Michigan.
So I do not really care.

Run today was horrible at the beginning. It was kind of cold and I tried to run of training fields at the local high school and the fields were wet and my shoes got immediately soaked and my feet started to freeze. I was miserable. They I said screw this and went to the track. I do not run on track, I only do the hard efforts there, I run on a grass field inside or around the track. And because it is artificial grass field it is soft and dry. I was able to pick up a pace little bit (around 7:50ish) and my feet started to defrost, which felt great.

ITB was ok the whole time. I was debating with myself whether I should do more or not, but then decided against it since ITB is coming along so nicely and I do not want to set it back.

Went to the gym afterwards, did bosu balancing, and other legs exercises. I also did 12 assisted pull-ups and 20ish dig-something. I usually do more, but I do then on Saturday so I have the whole Sunday to recover for my swim on Monday. But yesterday I did not have time to do them, so I did them today but because of the swim tomorrow I did only 10, is it clear?

Then I went to the pool to work on my flip turns. I watched those flip turns videos and man, I was doing everything wrong. I did them with my arms in front of me and then I waved the arms to help me flip myself. Which is exactly what you should not be doing.
So today I tried it properly, with arms alongside your body and watching whether you place your feet and keep arms in proper position so not to drag and it makes a HUGE difference and it is much easier! I am not good at it, not at all, but with practice I will get there.


  1. Great that the ITB is behaving. 35 miles is great! I admire you for the flip turns. I don't have the guts to try them out!

  2. You do not have guts to try flip turns??? I do not believe that! Just go ahead and try, they are fun:)

  3. Yayyy I hope you are healed!