Saturday, March 26, 2011

Cold classification

+ 64 People in Hawaii are sleeping under multiple layers of sheets
+ 50 People in Helsinki are turning heating off, the Russians grow flowers
+ 35 Italian cars are not running
+ 32 Distilled water freezes
+ 30 You can see your breath, the Russians are eating ice cream and drinking beer
+ 25 Your dog is trying to sneak into your bed
+ 10 French cars are not running
+ 7 Politicians are starting to talk about homeless people
+ 5 American cars are not running
+ 1 People in Helsinki are turning heating on, people in Hawaii have already frozen
- 4 You can hear your breath
- 11 German cars are not running
- 29 You dog is trying to sneak into your PJs, Japanese cars are not running
- 22 No cars, including Russian cars, are running
- 39 Heated debates in Congress have frozen, the Russian are buttoning their shirts all the way to their necks
- 58 Your car is trying to sneak into your bed
-76 People in Helsinki have frozen, polar bears are migrating south
- 94 Hell just froze, the Russians are organizing cross-country races
- 98 The lawyers are putting their hands into their own pockets
- 103 Santa Clause is leaving the Polar Circle
- 184 Alcohol freezes, the Russians are pissed off
- 452 Helium liquefies
- 459.67 Absolute zero. Nothing moves. The Russians are licking vodka popsicles and are admitting that it is kinda chilly

I am right there with those Russians (the only difference is that I have been licking Gatorade popsicle). Otherwise these is no way I would do a 3-hour bike ride in freezing temperatures. It was around 30 degrees when I was leaving my place today. But there was no way I was going to do that ride on a trainer. Trainer hurts.
Running in cold is ok, you move and you get warm and faster you move warmer you get. Biking is different, faster you go colder you get. You just sit there and freezing wind gets you.

But I have prepared myself well: I put on 2 pairs of socks (one warm one and one warmer one), thermal pants, regular spandex, thermal shirt, arm warmers (that I kept over hands and wrists so no chilly wind gets to my skin through sleeve holes), long-sleeved shirt, short-sleeved shirt, wind jacket. I finished with ear warmers under my helmet, ski gloves and winter boots (advantage of using clip-less pedals, I can wear whatever shoes I want!).
And it was perfect! For the first hour...No, seriously, perfect. Although my fingers and toes started to get really cold towards the end of the ride. Next time I am wearing one more pair of socks and thin gloves under ski gloves. And maybe scarf.
I did not take scarf because I thought that I might get too warm but since my throat was freezing, next time I take a scarf. And maybe something for my forehead.

I did 9 times a 5-mile loop with a decent hill in the middle. Total 76k. It was a good workout and I loved every minute of it. Although my bottom parts are still not used to this bike and my neck muscles are killing me.

Although I loved it the last thing I wanted to do when I got home is to hop on a bike again (on my other bike, but they are all the same, torture machines) and go to the Y for aquajogging.
Not that I did not want to aquajog, I wanted to, but the thought of riding a bike again was not very appealing. But I had to because I wanted to go to the library as well and they were closing so I had to get there fast. It was not that bad after all.

I aquajogged for around 40min, then they kicked me out because they were closing. Lifeguards hate me, I know it. I am ALWAYS the last one in the pool and as long as someone is in the pool they have to walk back and forth. If noone is in the pool, they can sit. So they always have to walk until they close when I am there. I feel bad about it.
I even did some intervals- 5x 8-9m fast with rest jojging back:) But 8m aquajogging in pool is looooong. It was kinda hard.
I feel pretty tired now. ITB feels ok although I still have some doubts.

I rented two seasons of MASH from the library so I am going to watch that. I like that show a lot. But Czech dubbing is much better than the original version. Much funnier! Oh, well, original version will have to do.


  1. This is hysterical! Though I'll have you know, here in Hawaii we would freeze WAY before that. And 64 degrees has us wrapped up in down comforters, not just sheets. ;)

    You are very tough. I bike in rain and wind, but not cold... never cold.

  2. I wish I were Hawaiian. I need to look into some jobs over there!