Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I'm gonna cry a little

You know how my left ITB was itching a bit on Saturday so I had to shorten my run and then also ran less on Sunday but it did not hurt at all, shorter run was just a prevention.
So I was supposed to do 1200s workout today but the track was closed because soccer match was played there.
Hm, I had to decide what to do. 11 miles on Tuesday at 7:30pm just did not sound right but better than on Friday at 5am. So 11 miles it was. I felt awesome, no pain at all. The only problem was that I was not prepared for this...I did not wear knee bandage. (I am not sure about the logic behind this, but when I wear a bandage under my knee, ITB does not hurt.)
No ITB problem, not at all until around 7 miles and then bam! It did not hurt, I juts got this feeling in that area. I stopped immediately because I knew that feeling and knew that if I continue it will get worse. So I just walk 4 miles back, no pain but I was not going to force it.

What's the deal with this??? Are ITBs like Achilles' heels that when you have a problem with one you can expect to have a problem with the other one very soon. Does it mean that now a one-year long Odyssey of on and off running starts? I really do not know what to do. I have never ever had any running related problems when I was in Slovakia. Then when I came to the US I had one small problem with ITB but nothing serious and slight stress fractures in shins. Then I moved to France and all those right ITB issues started. I did not even run on roads. I ran mile to a park and then ran there and then 1 mile back. So how did this happen?
And now I do not even run that much. I have run only 5 days a week past few weeks and my mileage has not been that high. SO WHAT'S WRONG?!? And it is LEFT ITB this time!
Maybe I just felt so good that I stopped being cautious. Not enough stretching, icing etc. But I went to pool to loosen up after all workouts. But not last week since it was closed. Maybe that's the reason.

I am going to ice and stretch as crazy and pray that it goes away and never come back. Maybe I am just not supposed to be a long distance runner. But that's bullshit, c'mon, everybody can be a long distance runner.

OK, let's see how it feels in days to come.

Monday, June 28, 2010

It is normal!!!

People at work found out I walked 5+ miles to get there this morning and it caused all kind of different reactions. I got couple offers to drive me home, to pick me up tomorrow, to lend me a bike etc.
I do not want people to think that I am ungrateful so when a colleague offered to pick me up tomorrow for like 10th time I said yes. People do not understand that I DO ENOJY riding a bike to work and even walk there. But it is a very odd thing to do here so...
So I take a ride to work tomorrow and then hopefully other colleague brings me one of her bikes and I can start biking again.

Anyway,I ran 6miles from work today and it was pretty good. I liked that because then I was done soon and had the whole evening for me. Well, not that I do have anything to do in the evenings except for watching TV...
ITB and shins felt ok. I still tape everything. Taped shins, bandages on knees...horrible.

I made a huge mistake today. I sent email to my parents with some news about life and stuff and casually mentioned that I might do half marathon in LA. I immediately received an email from my mom about how bad for a human body it is, that I am only hurting myself and she does not understand why I do that and blahblahblah (considering that I wear couple bandages and tapes she might be partly right). Whatever. She knows that I run but she probably thinks that I do couple hundred meters once or twice a week. Let's just keep her in a sweet unawareness. Now you know why I need this blog to share my running adventures since my family is out of question.

Slovakia - The Netherlands 1:2:( Sad, but we still did very good.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday Sunday

Why am I always on the wrong hemisphere when important sport events happen????
Woo-hoo for Germany.
SLOVAKIA vs THE NETHERLANDS tomorrow morning. I will have to rely on email updates from my mother.

Running news:
I am worried about the left ITB so I did not run 12 miler as planned today. I did only 7,25 miles and I ran very carefully. Not sure what that means since I do not think that you can hit the pavement more or less softly but I tried. No pain. Maybe it was just one day thing. I hope.

Non-running news:
My bike is death.
I was not lucky with this one. Firstly the tire, then the crankset.
Good news is they took it back and I am getting a new one. The one I originally wanted, woo-hoo.
Bad news, it might take up to 3 weeks so I will be walking 5,5miles every morning to work next week.
Thanksfuly week after is week off in automotive business in Detroit so I don't have to walk.
My plan is to walk in the morning and then run back after work. It should be ok (although I will have to run with my backpack) apart from my workout day, I am not sure how I do this. I have only 1 workout next week which is great considering this. I guess I will just do longer w/up then.

I started to make friends. One German colleague took me out tonight to show me around. It was fun. We went to get ice cream and I did not even embarrass him by asking the waitress to warm up my ice cream in microwave. I am sooo considerate.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

26 on 26

I just had this awesome thought: I am turning 26 later this year, how awesome it would be to run a marathon on my birthday. 26 miles on 26th birthday.
Too bad my b-day falls on Monday and that I have no wish to run a marathon and screw my knee again.

I guess I will wait till 2026, and do 42 on 42:) It falls on Sunday, so it is feasible.

The worst day ever

Everything started this morning when I wanted to use my debit card and cashier said that this card was reported lost. WTF! But I know how this happened, so I am not worried about it, it will be ok.

Then I lost $30.

The my left ITB started to act up. Is it going to be the same story as with my right ITB? Please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please no. So I did 3 miles instead of 5 and am skipping my long run tomorrow.

I biked instead. I did approximately 16 miles when my bike kinda broke down. I knew that it was assembled very poorly and this problem is probably caused by this but I am not sure because I tried to fix it (jumping on hex wrench in my living room) and did not help. I need to have it repaired or exchanged or something. Guy told me to come to store tomorrow and see what they can do for me (but if possible I want a refund and get a bike that I originally wanted but they did not have it in stock and it will take up to 3 weeks for that bike to arrive). Which means that I will walk more 5 miles each morning to work and then 5 back. Hopefully the ITB will come to its senses and I can run back.

And pool is still close.

So this was my day...

Friday, June 25, 2010

Easy 6 miles

I did very easy 6 miles. It was horrible, my gluteus maximus (you see how sophisticated I am ) is sooo sore from lunges I did yesterday after workout. I always get sore from lunges (even when I do them without an addition weight), which means that I need to do them more to strengthen those muscles, right?
I wanted to go to pool tonight but it is temporarily closed, grrrr. I hope it is open tomorrow.

I found this duathlon nearby at the end of July but they say that mountain bike is recommended:( I need to see whether I can manage with hybrid bike tires (if they fit my bike...).

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Feeling good

Plan for today: W/u, 800m @ 5k pace (3:09ish), 400m jog, 1.6k @ 10 km pace (6:32-6:40), 400m jog, 2.4k @ 1/2 marathon pace (10:12-10:25), 400m jog, 800m @ 5k pace, c/d

I think that my life is finally starting to calm down and I am hopefully over that pathetic running phase from past 3-4 weeks.

There was a high school football practice on a track so I had company. It was nice to have company, although they were not running with me.
I hit paces almost perfectly:)
800m 3:08
1600m 6:32
2400m 10:06
800m 3:09
Jogged 400m really slowly. 400m was nice, long enough to recover.

I felt very good and controlled, it was not too hard.
I feel like a new woman compared to what I felt 3 weeks ago, really. Exactly like my coach has predicted:)

I did weights afterwards and I think I will be sore tomorrow.

Short bike explanation

Why not buy a mountain bike or a hybrid, seems like I'd have fewer flats.

That's definitely true. But at home (aka my parents garage) I have a mountain bike, a hybrid bike and a road bike. (They are my most valuable possessions apart from that piece of paper written in Latin I have received yesterday.)
And therefore I can tell that having a right bike suitable for a particular surface makes a huge huge difference. If you don't try, you would not believe. I did not believe neither but they I tried a road bike instead of a hybrid on a road and was hooked.
So why I bought a road bike?
I have never had these tire problems before, this is the first time and I have not expected it.
I would like to try to do a triathlon or a duathlon, and therefore I need a road bike.
There are no mountains here, so no need for a mountain bike. And using mountain bike on a road is such a waste of energy. (although I probably wasted that energy on air tube changing)
It is difficult to find a cheap mountain bike fitting 6" person.
I originally wanted to buy a hybrid, but hybrids here are horrible. They are nothing like hybrids in Europe. USA lives still in Hybrid Bikes Middle Age.

I shall see how it goes using new tires. They are for hybrid bikes but for road usage mostly. They are few millimeters wider than my road tires so they might not fit on my bike unless I change brakes. I'll see.

Off to track.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New beauties + earthquake

Today's events sorted according to excitement level they evoke in me:

1, 5 miles easy run (not that exciting but I am a runner, so...)

2, My new beauties:

They should come in 2-3 weeks.
I figured that doubling a value of bike by buying new tires is not a way to go, so I bought tires that increase its value by 50% only:(

3, Earthquake!!! There was an earthquake near Ottawa, Canada and we felt it here in Michigan. I have never experienced any earthquake before. Interesting.

4, I have received my BA diploma in mail today. Well, my parents did, but they scanned it for me. It is weird, it is all in Latin. WTF?!?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

800s + same old story

Firstly, this is getting old. I got a flat tire this morning. This is getting really annoying. I know it is partly my fault but I suspect that it is mostly because tires on this bike are s**t. Really low quality. I found awesome tires I would like to get but then the tires might be worth more than the bike:) But I work for a company best known for its tires so I might figure something out.

Now workout. Plan w/u 2.5miles, 5x100 w/ jog btw, 6x800 @ 5k pace w/ 200 jog, c/d 2.5miles
My 5k got adjusted to 19:45-20ish, so 3:9-3:12 for 800.
I was little worried about how it will go after hard-feeling workout on Friday and with only 200m jog btw. But when I did 1st at 3:08 I knew I will be ok.
It was more humid than last week but seems I am getting accustomed to it although I was sweating like crazy and had hard time breathing during the 4th one.
Well I am not sure how it is supposed to feel though. Hard, easy, somewhere in the middle? Hard at the end? I do not know.
I did 3:08, 3:08, 3:07, 3:07, 3:05, 3:04.
Does this also happens to you? You know the last repeats should feel harder and one should work harder to keep up the pace therefore I try to work harder to keep up the pace and end up running faster than I am supposed to.
I am satisfied and getting my confidence back because it felt good and controlled.

I did weights afterwards but no swim to loosen up.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday = Banana day

Bananas are for 19cent a pond on Mondays so Monday has become officially my Banana days.
(Wednesdays are Milk days and I need to find out whether Subway does not have special prices on a particular day.)

On a running note, today was my day off. I felt little tired after this past weekend.
But I swam for around 30minutes. My new goggles are amazing but I am so bad at long-distance swimming. I cannot swim freestyle for more then 50m (long distance:)).
I am pretty fast swimmer but I have a very bad technique I think and I do not know how to breath right because I usually breath very deeply and it takes time to inhale and exhale so I have troubles swimming for longer time because I run oxygen deficit. I need to practice this more.

Thunderstorm is announced for tomorrow morning, please please no, I want to go to work on bike.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Long run and stuff

11 miles planned and as I promised on a new trail.
But before that I went to get new swimming goggles and wanted to try them after the run.

It seems that humidity is here again because I felt sluggish and tired today and I was melting! But trails was amazing. It is around 4.6mile from my place and I used bike to get there. I was comprehensive about leaving my bike there for an hour and a half but persuaded myself that bike will be ok since I used 2 bike locks and I do not expect bike thieves to be at such place.
I realized that trail is a very very slight incline in northern direction and then decline on a way back. This caused that my splits out were at 8ish pace and back they were 7:30ish pace. But I was really happy when I finished and all I wanted was food and water.

I did not eve went to swim afterwards because I was sooo hungry and had to go to store to get something good.

And now some random facts:

1, Now having a car definitely helps with not buying crap:) There was Edy's ice cream on sale today and if I had car, I would have bought it. But without a car I did not feel like carrying it 1 mile back. I still had to carry watermelon though:) But I would prefer watermelon to ice cream any time. (Sorry Mad)

2, I wonder whether also other female runners have experienced/realized this? When I run or bike and have to cross a road and there is a car driven by a woman alone in a car, she stops and lets me cross very rarely. When she is young, she stops almost never. But when there are other people (esp kids) in a car, she usually stops. However, when a man drives a car, he stops almost always. No matter whether he is young or old or alone or with the others.
Just yesterday I had to get from a right side of a road to the left and there were cars coming from behind and I was giving a sigh that I want to go to left. Two cars driven by women just passed by (one actually slowed down a bit and then just sped by) and then a car with a young man inside let me cross.
Isn't it interesting? I wonder why it is so. Is it because man have more "sport ethics" or whatever it is. Or because I am a woman and they are men, that simple.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

My long runs are not long enough

to explore this awesome area.
It is very rural and spread out and when I run I do not get very far and I have to turn around and head back. And it is really very nice area I am living in.
So today I went to explore a bit on a bike. There is a lot of lakes here so decided to check one out. Approximately 8 miles from my place. But as I was going there I crosses this trail road leading to another lake that I also wanted to see.
So changed my mind and followed the trail. It is not paved, it is covered with very fine gravel, good enough for a road bike if you are not scared (of flat tire:) Private joke.) I met a lot of bikers and runners there.
But it was awesome, I am so doing my long run there tomorrow.
Lake was awesome as well. Such a cool area and houses...magnificent! If I marry a wealthy man, I will get a house in area like that one.
I took a different trail back home. It was not as enjoyable because gravel was not that fine and if there was a loosen screw on the bike, I am sure I lost it. I need to check out the bike tomorrow. And it was kinda longer.
I end up doing more than 35 miles and was starving and thirsty because I was not prepared for this. But I loved it (except that I had to pass along a dead dear and I have few more tan lines because my biking shorts are not of the same length as my running shorts. The same goes for a biking jersey!

I took 2 hours a rest before doing my easy 7 miler. Surprisingly, legs did not feel bad at all.
Then went to a pool to loosen up and it did me good.

Friday, June 18, 2010


Today's plan: w/u 2.5miles, 3x1.6k @ 6:50-7:05 w/ 60 seconds complete recovery btw, c/d 2.5mil. Start @ 7:05 and then pick it up. 8 miles total.

This was the hottest day of the year (at least for me). I went out at around 7pm and it was sooo hot. I even took water with me (I do not usually take it because I am too lazy to carry a bottle with me).
I got to the track and it was closed! I hope it was closed only because it was Friday afternoon, not closed for good because I am really excited that I found this track to do workouts at.

I did not have anything measured, so was not sure what to do. Do my easy run and then this workout tomorrow with Garmin? But I have already moved this workout from yesterday to today and I have long run on Sunday...
There were soccer and football fields that were open, so I decided to go there and just run 3x7min.

I do not know how fast I ran but I know it was definitely way too fast. Because 7min pace is supposed to feel easy (at least for the first one, right?) and it was not easy at all! I know that running on grass and heat made running harder but still I know I ran too fast. And of course I died on the last one.
I started the first one and it felt ok for first 2-3 min but then it got hard. Of course the second one was hard the whole 7 min. And the third one. Well, I did not run much much slower, but definitely slower (I was even at the point when I wanted to just stop and call it a day). Maybe this one was at the pace I was originally supposed to run (but that's only my feeling).

I dragged myself home and went to do weights for half an hours or so. And then pool. It felt so good.

I feel satisfied with this workout. Although it did not worked out as planned, I put in a good effort and that's good. I felt hard and I have not done a hard workout for several weeks.
And I think that I am getting used to humidity (or maybe it was not as humid this week and past week).

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I am not making this stuff up

I am getting really good at taking a rear wheel off, fixing flat tire and putting a wheel back. I mean, really good.

It seems that flat tire is neverending story for me. Let's recapitulate:
Monday: 1st day of going to work on bike. There was a hole on a road, I rode through it and cut an air tube.
I had a kit to fix it, but there was no glue there. Only sticky patches. I have never used them without an extra glue because I always thought they won't last very long. (And I was right.) I got home ok.
Tuesday: Morning- tire still ok. I got to work (got attacked by an angry goose).
However in the afternoon, tire was flat. I put on a new patch and rode to Target to get a glue. They did not have any so I got a new self-sealing (and very expensive) tire. Changed tires in the evening but I still kept the old one (and I do not regret that)
Wednesday-yesterday: No incident
Yesterday: I decided to inflate tires bit. But my pump is (was) soooo stupid and bad. I knew it was bad, I actually went to a store and returned it but bought the same one again because they were out of stock that day. Anyway, when I was trying to get the the pump off the valve, I tore it off...my $8 self-sealing tire! Damaged forever, no chance for it.
It was too late so I could not go to store so I put sticky patch on an old tire and hoped it will hold for couple hours.
Today: Morning- ok. I got to work. After work- tire was flat. But that's not everything. My bike lock broke down and I could not open it!!! Maintenance guys were already gone so I called the security but they were not very helpful. Thankfully there was one person still in R&D garage and he found huge pliers somewhere and was able to cut the lock (thanks God it was the lowest security lock. I have no idea what I would have done if it had been like super advanced anti-theft lock. But that one probably would not have broken...)
I fix the tire with a sticker again and decided to go to a store to get a new air tube, glue, a new air pump and bike lock.
And guess what happened. Like 50 meters before turning to a parking lot, I got a F**** FLAT TIRE! At first I thought that the patch peeled off but then I found out a 1,5 inch long nail sticking out of my tire. Can you believe this?
I got TWO new tubes (from now on I am going to carry an extra one with me, just in case), a pump and lock(they did not have glue). Of course they did not have Schrader valve tubes, only Prestas for road bikes. (although I have easier time inflating a Presta valve than Schrader, I tent to break valve caps very easily on them...) Now I have one Presta and one Schrader on a bike. But my new pump seems very good and lock is good as well(but if this one breaks, I am screwed...because nobody won't be able to open it).

With all this going on, I got home at 9:30pm!!!! I was supposed to do a workout today but that did not happen because I had to deal with this first because I would not be able to get to work tomorrow and I had no idea that it would take me so long.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

6 miler and calories

I had easy 6 miles today and I indeed kept it very very easy since I have workout tomorrow. And also because I decided to explore Oakland University campus that is just across the street from me and I ran on now very nice trails.
OU campus is huge. I did 6 miles and have covered only small part of it. But although it is huge, I kinda feel that one third of the area are parking lots, another third is gold course and a forest and only the rest is buildings. I tried to run in the forest but eventually gave up because I would have most likely ended up with a sprained ankle. Therefore such a slow run. But I am sure it will do me good!

Then I went to have dinner at Friday' with a girl from Albania that lives in my apartments complex. She is here for thesis research at the university and invited me to come with her. We had fun and I ate a lot. By a lot I mean a lot. I had an appetizer (spinach dip), a main dish (Mexican chicken) and a desert (vanilla cheesecake). It was all delicious and I ate all of that. I know that it is a lot of calories and stuff but I could not helped it. I love food, plus I do not do it every day. Not even every week, so it will not kill me:)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Wow, I have not done such workout in....years (but I am not sure of that).

Plan was w/u, 5 X 100 m strides with 100 m jog between, 12 X 400 m @ 5k race pace with 100 m jog recovery between and after 6th take a 400 m jog, c/d

5k pace? How fast is that? My coach determined that it is something around 1:38 for 400m for me right now. I know it sounds very slow, but considering my past performances, climate and only 100m jog, I though I would go with it.

I warmed up 3 miles (little bit more than usual 2.5miles just to wake up the legs. It did not help that much though. I will add a bit more next time.)
I had no idea what that pace feels like and started way too fast. I went through 200m in 44sec, I slowed down a bit and finished at 1:30. Ok, way too fast.
I slowed down a bit to 1:35 the next one, but it felt easy and I knew I can keep this pace for next 10 400s and if I had slowed further down to 1:38 it would have been too easy and not a quality workout.
After the 3rd one, my legs wake up and I did 1:34s and 1:33s for the rest of them.

It felt good, not too easy but not too hard. But more easy than hard.

I wonder whether I am adjusting to humidity:)

Then I went to the gym to do the weights. I am little sore now.

Other random stuff:
I love my bike and am pretty satisfied with it but the person who has assembled it did a VERY poor job. Although much better than I would have done. I do not know anything about bike assemblies. But I fixed the brakes yesterday (and am still alive today) and will try to fix front derailleur over weekend (that way I will have two days to put it together if I screw it completely)

I need to get a new visa for my exchange program in California and visa can be obtained only outside the USA. I can't afford going to Europe and will try to get them in Toronto, Canada, but it is just too stressful because I must ask my boss to give me couple days off and the embassy will take my passport and then mail it to me and I have to stay in Canada until I receive it and what if something happened to it? I can be stuck in Canada without passport for days and days! And hotel will be more expensive than I can afford! And then I will have to go to Canada again sometime in September just to pass the border and immigration and get my visa stamped...
Don't you know anyone in Toronto who I can stay with for few days and where my passport can be mailed? Or even better don't you know an American citizen who is willing to marry me? I do not want to deal with this anymore.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Long run

10 miles. Yeap, that's my long run...16k sounds much better than 10miles, does not it?

Weather was much better today than past few days. It was not that humid and less hot.
I felt pretty good. Started at very easy pace and as my legs started to wake up around mile 5 I picked up a pace a little bit.
I have found a pretty cool path (I find a new path every day since I have never been it this area before) but I do not know where it goes because I had to turn around at mile 5. I might go check it out tomorrow on bike.

Then I went to a pool. I did not really swim, it was more like a bath. Just to loosen up a bit.
But as soon as I buy good swimming goggles I will start swimming. I can not bear water in my eyes, I hate it. I had goggles but they are around 9 years old so it is time to get new ones because these already let water in.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Weekend is here

Today was fun day.
I have not been to cinema for sooo long (because it is way too expensive in France). So I decided to go to movie this morning. There are many movies I wanted to see and could not decided which one to see and at the end I went for The Karate Kid. It was ok, but the old movie is better.

Another fun part is that I had to walk more than 6 miles to get there. I could have used a bike but I was not sure whether I can park it somewhere there and I had to buy a really good lock first because I am worried that somebody steals it. But I guess that a mall is not a place that bike thieves frequent, right? But still, I am bing cautious. And the other thing is that I was not even sure whether there is something like a bike rack by the mall. Which I thought was very unlikely...But surprise, there is a bike rack!!! Awesome and unbelievable, I know. There is place for like 5 bikes for the whole mall but I am not afraid that I will not be able to find a free space:) There was one bike parked there though.

My plan was to walk there, see a movie and run 6 miles back. And that's what I did. Run was ok, it was very hot and humid therefore it was not very enjoyable, but I managed. I was soaked in sweat by the time I got to my place. Hopefully it helps me get used to this humidity!

I did weights afterwards, but nothing too much. And then I went to the pool. It was awesome! Swimming, coldish water. Just perfect.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

What affects my running aka why I feel like crap

No flat tire, no rain, no warrior goose today on my ride to work. Where did all the fun stuff go?!? It is supposed to rain tomorrow, so...

I did my first workout in a while. Warm up 2.5miles, strides 5x100m w/ 100m jog and then 5x1k and 2.5miles cool down.
Then weights (only legs because it was already almost 9:30pm. And pool for few minutes to loosen up. Felt great but I did not feel secure because it was already dark and I was alone there.

I was not that great. I do not know what's going on. I used to love these workouts. If you had asked me 1 or 2 months ago, I would not have minded doing it twice every week.
It seems I can not pick up speed and get moving. I am at a particular pace and can't pick up.
I was supposed to do them at 5k pace, but I am not sure what that pace is for me now. Probably not very fast...I decided to do it at 95sec for 400m, which gives 3:57ish for 1k. I did first one in 3:50, way too fast. I had to slow down. then I did 3:56. It was not hard, but I was just struggling. 3rd felt better. As if my legs finally woke up from hibernation. I did 3:53, 3:54, 3:54. Last three felt much better. Not hard but still did not feel that great.
When I compare this to a workout I did 2months ago...it is horrible! I ran much faster and felt much better.

I wonder what causes this. Here are my thoughts (order does not matter):

No/little running past 2 months (since April 15th).

All this crazy stuff that has been going on lately. Moving, tons of paperwork, new job, place etc. But I should be accustomed to that by now.

Climate. I C-A-N N-O-T B-R-E-A-T-H! I am not a fish, I don't have any gills. I can't separate oxygen from water. What can I do to get used to this humidity?

Different running time. I used to do my workouts at 2pm before. Now I run around 7-8pm. I am not used to running in the evening.

Different running surface. We did not have turf in France. I do not know the work in English, but it is an old stuff, all tracks used to be like this couple years ago. (I am sure that the Americans have no idea what I am talking about). Now here it is turf, so I assume it is little bit softer and therefore also slower, right?

And few less sophisticated reasons:

Undigested afternoon snack. I ate way too late and definitely felt it during a run.

Easy run that was not that easy one day before a workout. I ran little bit too fast yesterday.

Extra 5-6 pounds.

I am under pressure. I have been running whatever for past 2ish years. I did not tell anyone what my running goes were, I was fully responsible for my running. I did what I felt like doing that day. When I had a crappy workout, I would be disappointed but I got over it. Now, when I have a coach, my goals are revealed and I feel under pressure. Because if I mess up, it is now not only me. There is someone who puts her time and energy into this! It feels weird. I need to get used to this.

GET READY FOR SOME SOCCER! Too bad all matches are while I am at work...it seems that I am always in wrong time zone for these things...

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

First week is over

I woke up into rainy morning.
But it is only water, right? Maybe little acid water, but still, it won't hurt me. And Lance Armstrong would not skip a bike ride because of little water. Plus I did not have any choice, which is probably the most persuasive argument why I biked to work. I was soaked by the time I got there but it was not too bad. Except that I got attacked by a giant wild goose! There was a bunch of them by the road and as I was approaching them one of them just attacked me. Both of us survived, only few feathers got stuck on my bike because it was all wet. But it was scary. Some people might say that this is a horrible thing to say but I do not like animals. I do not like them and I am scared of them.
I was ok as a kid, I used to hide little chickens and kittens under my t-shirt and sneak them into my bedroom. Once my mom found me with 3 little chickens with me in my bed:) Funny times. But then something happened and I can't stand animals and am scared of them. My sister's parrot has been my nightmare for past 9 years. No dog, cats, horses or anything similar. I do not mind spiders, or snakes or toothless fish but I am scared of anything that can bite my hand off (like a parrot or a turtle for example).

Anyway, by the time I got out of work the weather has cleared up and it was sunny and not humid at all. It is probably rain that has chased the humidity away. I felt awesome on my 7 miler. Maybe a bit too much awesome because I ran little too fast:( Man, I am going to pay for that tomorrow during a workout!

My arms are sore because guess who had to pump a tire manually three times in past two days? Yeap, I am an idiot. It is not glass or something sharp but I usually cut the air tube because I am more used to mountain bike and I am not careful enough about holes and bumps. But I am more careful starting tomorrow!

And yeah, today has started my second week of work!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Don't you just love

public transportation in the US? I "do"!

I had to return my rental car to the airport yesterday which is 50miles from my apartment. Ad then I planned on taking a bus back. But is was Sunday, so no bus to my area. But fortunately I managed to find one hat goes to the place that is walking distance away from me. Walking distance = 11miles.

When I was leaving the apartment in the morning it was raining and walking 11 miles in rain, no no no. Running in a rain, manageable. I had 8 miles on my schedule so I figured I could combine it. I took my running shoes, shorts and backpack.

I got to the airport around noon and then had to wait for a bus at 1:30 that did not show up. Fortunately the one at 2:30 came:) It was an "enjoyable" 1,5h ride. Man, what kid of people ride those things! I mean, the fact that you cannot afford a car or any other reason why you take a bus does not mean that you should not learn how to behave around people!!! And I have seen the parts of a city that nobody would want to see. I got to Detroit and had one hour before my second bus so I walked a little.

I think that rain Gods love me! Second I got to the bus stop shelter it started to rain really hard. 10 seconds later and I would have been soaked! My second ride took 1h and the rain has not stopped. I had mentally prepared myself for the awful experience of running 11miles in pouring rain. But the second I got off the bus, it stopped raining. Like I said, rain Gods love me! I walked approximately 1 mile and then ran 8 miles and then finish last 2 miles walking. Although it took my almost 7 hours to do 50 miles from the airport to my apartment, it was cool, I saw the area at least.

This all happened on Sunday.

Today was my first day without a car and I rode a bike to work. It was awesome until I made a turn to the company parking lot. Then I got a flat tire. Yeah, that's my luck. I had everything necessary to fix it though except for a second wrench. But VC president's assistant made a few phone calls and we were able to find a wrench. And yeah, fixing a flat tire on a company's parking lot is always fun.
I am off for an easy 4 miler.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Epic fail

*I am sorry for stealing this title*

I was debating with myself whether to run this 5k race or now, since my very pathetic running past 2 months and because of all the craziness that's going on right now.

But I figured that it is only 5k and I have never done a road race in the US and it was early in the morning, so I decided to do it.
It was horrible! I could not find it and arrived 10minutes before the start and the humidity is killing me! Living for 20+ years in Central Europe, which has virtually no humidity and then coming here...Well, I better get used to it. But it might take some time.
I started very conservatively ad was thinking to pick it up after 1,5 miles but that did not happen. I just was not able to move my legs. Pace was very comfortable, I mean it was not difficult, my legs just could not go faster. Maybe it is a jet-lag, hm (I was ok until today, felt good, but today since the race I have this weird headache that I get always when I lack sleep)? And other thing is that I am so mentally weak. I have always been. I am scared of pain and need to be confident to race well. Since I have not done any real workouts since mid-April, I did not know what I have in me.

There is nothing I can do about it. I raced (more like ran, not raced) horribly but it was fun. It was walk/run race ad there were 193 people. I d not know whether it is a lot or not but a lot of them were walking. I got 1st woman (somehow) and quite a lot of people talked to me after the race and when they heard that I had an accent they started asking me questions and stuff. It was fun. And I won $50 gift certificate to a jewelry store. Weird, I know. I do not wear jewelry. I would prefer something for a sporting goods store or a restaurant.

And I got a bike today!!!!!!! Not the one I wanted because I could not find it anywhere and I drove almost 100 miles to find it. Hm. But it is exciting!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Back to work

I did my first "workout" in weeks. Well, it was not a real workout but it was faster than my usual pace.
I was supposed to do 6miles with 3x800 at 5k pace. I thought that the track is 2miles from my apartment but it is more like 2.5miles. So I ended up doing 7miles. 2.5warm up, 3x800m (3:10, 3:09, 3:07) with 400m jog, 2.5miles cool down.
Those 800s were difficult. I mean it was easy pace but I just had very hard time making my legs moving! I am not sure what my 5k pace is, so I prescribed 6:15-20 pace, which means 3:07-10 for 800. I am now sure that 6:15 is not my 5k pace. It's way too fast for me now after my pathetic running past few weeks.

My shins....I do not know. It is much better than 4 weeks ago but not 100% yet. I need to tape them when I run:(

Work: I have forgotten how hard working in the USA is. I guess that I am spoiled by Europe and paid lunch breaks and 35hours week in France. Honestly, 8am-5pm, that's like a whole day at work!!!! I better get use to that!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Back to Running

I got in my first run on the American soil after 2 years. Exciting, isn't it? At least for me it was.

I ran like 8miles (plus or minus, it was 65min, because I cannot find my Garmin. My apartment is a mess. I did not have time to unpack, so I just opened my bag and took business casual:) cloths for work this morning and everything got completely messed up and I just could not find Garmin in that mess...).
It felt great to be finally running and this area is really nice. So many cool houses and lot of trees. I am definitely taking my camera with me sometime to take pictures. Really, I have never seen so many cool houses like these before. This area is pretty flat with some rolling hills, but have no idea where I could do hill workout here.
The most exciting part: I have found a high school track I can use for speed workouts! At east I think so. I asked one lady who I passed running whether there is a running track where everybody can go and she told me where to go. There was a fence and sign that fields can be used only with a card that cost $% but the gate was open and "ticket" office was closed and there were some kids out there. So I suppose I can use it whenever I need to. This made my day. Seriously.

And now onto general blah blah.
I left the US in May 2008 after spending there 3 years. I have been here for 1,5day now and there are already couple things that have surprised me:)
1. Bank of America has some cool stuff you can do with their ATM machines (like money deposits and stuff). This is completely new to me:)
2. I have completely forgotten that every city, even a tiny one has several malls: huge outlet malls, tiny outlet malls, Walmart, Target, several shopping mall squares. I guess that explains the negative net saving rates in the USA.
3. Humidity! I though that only Florida and New England were very humid but apparently not. I was sweaty within couple minutes on my run today. And it was past 8pm! Disgusting. It is everywhere like this?
4. People are so nice. I am not saying that people in Slovakia are not nice, but...When I arrived yesterday there was a huge basket full of food from Trader Joe's and a welcome note from my boss. How cool is that?

And I have forgotten: I have officially graduated from college this past Sunday! I though that my graduation year was 2009 until I have started receiving emails about the graduation ceremony (which I have not attended. I am weird, I know...) and then it hit me. Because I did an exchange program my senior year and the semester there ran longer than semester in the US, my grades got in after 2009 graduation. I knew I will receive my diploma in 2010, but I have always though that I will receive it like in retrospective, with graduation date of 2009. But no. I am Class '10 and I have a BA degree officially now. Well, I do not have my diploma, but they are going to ail it.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I knew I should have got a boat ticket

20+ hour bus drive from Paris to Slovakia, then 5hours of sleep, flight from Vienna to Amsterdam, canceled flight, night in Amsterdam, canceled flight, another night in Amsterdam...

I was supposed to arrive on Sunday, but arrived only today. Hate flying. No running obviously.

But it was worth it. My Detroit apartment is awesome: 2 bedrooms, 2 TVs, 2 bathrooms, walk-in closets, living room, fully equipped kitchen and unlimited access to fitness center and pool right outside my door...And I do not have to share with anyone:)

I am too tired now, I need to sleep.