Friday, March 25, 2011

Run, run, run!!!!!!

I ran!
Ok, not really. I aquajogged!
I am such an idiot, why didn't I think about it before??? I could have been doing it almost every day.

I did a swim workout (pretty easy. It feels great knowing that pace that was my fast pace before is my steady pace now!!! By the way, I am still getting my preferential treatment from one of the lifeguards. I am actually usually the only one doing some kind of workouts, the others just do whatever. And whenever someone tries to join my lane, this lifeguard asks them whether they could use different lane and leave that one for me! Cool. Unfortunatelly this lifeguard works on only one of the days I usually have workouts. Other days no special treatment for me ) and then IT him me. I could aquajog! So I did that for around 20min until I finally got kicked out because the Y was closing. It was not very exciting since I did like 8 yards back and forth but better than nothing. I am definitelly getting back tomorrow!


  1. Water running can be awesome! I water ran 4x/week while I was pregnant and then ran a PR 1/2 marathon 3 months after I gave birth. Keep that up!!

  2. Yay! I'm glad aqua jogging went well! Did you wear the belt?

  3. Nope, no belt. I need to make it hard!:)