Sunday, March 20, 2011

Oh geez

Did you know that you are not supposed to do any hard sport activity after you get massage? Well, I kind of suspected it but I was still hoping I would be able to run after the massage lady worked on me.
But no, she told me that I should not do anything till Tuesday:(
And I wanted to test the ITB today badly!

But maybe it is a good thing and another day of rest will do extra good to my ITB.
But it has been 4 days already since I went running last time and I feel that it is time to go. I did only 14 miles this week...I feel like a slacker.
I wish I could go biking at least.

Anyway, my legs feel great now. I got a deep tissue massage for my hips/ITB. It did not hurt that much but the masseuse told me that she was surprised I endured it since it was only my second massage ever. That foam rolling must be behind it.
My hits were very tight and she said that my left side (not the side that bothers me) is very tight. She also stretched me and my flexibility in left hip is better.
She mentioned that maybe because of tightness in my left side I am overcompensating by my right leg and that might add to right ITB issues.
Now I feel awesome, especially in my hips, as if I have found a whole new range of motion!

She also worked on my shoulders a bit because she said that they were way too tight. Actually my whole body was tight but she said that other parts are not that acute so she would not work on them so she can concentrate on my ITB. But she could not leave my shoulders like that:)

I should definitely do this more often. Unfortunately without car I cannot visit this lady any time soon.
I also have two certificates to two different massage saloons but since I have no car I cannot get there. But I still have time to go there before I live.

This is a lame weekend. My boss told me to drive somewhere crazy (like for example visit my sister in Arkansas) so I can enjoy the car for the last time. But I rode a bike instead and then spent half a day grocery shopping - stacking food for 2 months:(

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  1. The massage therapist told me the same thing about over compensating. Those massages are great but hard to keep up with bc they are expensive! Good thing you have gift certificates!