Thursday, March 24, 2011

Recovery test

Yeah, still sticking:) I wanted to got to spinning class to make up for missed run but I thought that it starts at 6:30 so I stayed little longer in work (I was trying to come up with some model on how to calculate value-added tax for my two business scenarios in Mexico and I was geting closer and closer. It is not perfect yet but it should be ok enough for my thesis, it is not like I am trying to have that thing published. But my head is pounding from all those numbers and percentages, ahhh) and when I got home I realized that it starts at 6 and it was 6 already so no spinning class.

Instead I stuffed my face with tuna sandwiches, half a cantaloupe, oatmeal and cereals and Luna bar and cheese.

Then I draged myself to the gym. It was 8pm already but we still had light!!! Love it.
I did legs exercises, pull ups and digs.
ITB has felt great the whole day until I did those legs exercises. It did not hurt but I felt tension building up in the area. I also tried bosu ball balancing but quit it immediatelly! ITB started protesting as soon as I stepped on it. I thought that it was supposed to help me but aparently not! Maybe that bosu is one of the reasons for this round of ITB troubles. I guess I am not doing it anymore.

And the recovery test? I realized this already last summer but was reminded this morning. Last summer I used to do around 50miles on bike after work on Wednesdays. I did not run that day. Next day while biking to work legs felt horrible, I had to bike in easier gears. On Sundays I used to do a long ride followed by run and legs felt allright on Mondays.
I did a bike workout yesterday and my ride to work this morning was pathetic. Easy gears and spinning the whole time.
I have 2 theories about this:
1, my bike ride to work is a pretty good indicator about how my legs have recovered from a day before.
2, easy run after a bike ride helps me to recover faster from bike. I am not sure whether it works the other way as well- bike helping me recovering from run. I have no way to test that one. People say it works. But how can I find out?

I have received an email from a friend in France. She has spoken with some people and it seems that there should not be any problem for me doing 10k Champs of French Universities. Normally you have to race a qualifying race to run 10k but there is no qualifying standard. There are qualifying standards for other distances but not for 10k, simply finishing the qualifying race is enough. But since I am here obviously I cannot run qualifying race. But school can ask for exception if we certify that I had a good reason for not running. So we are going to do that and my friend was told that it should pass no problem. I believe that but I won't have a definite answer before the end of May. The race is on June 5 near New Orleans (French New Orleans obviously:)). It will be a tough call since I have triathlon on May 29 (one week before) and then I arrive in Paris on June 2 so I might be little jet-legged... But I really want to do the race, it should be fun.

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