Friday, April 1, 2011

When do I start dissolving?

With all that time I am spending in pool these days I would not be surprised if that was pretty soon...

I had a pretty hard swim today. I have been complaining that I do not feel warmed up enough for my main sets and I really should stop complaining about things because people are actually listening to me...So 1000yards warm up today. Hm...okaaaaay.
The main set was pretty interesting, it was basically 1 steady interval followed by few fast 50s. Steady intervals were getting shorted and number of after each 50s kept increasing but at easier pace. It was a very good mix, it make me work on being able to switch gears.
Last set was 8x50 @ 65 sec, sounds very easy, doesn't it? I did 50s in around 50sec so I had 15 sec rest which was a plenty of time to rest but always the last 12yards of each 50 were torture, my arms started to hurt a lot and my form collapsing.

It was a good workout.

Then I ran for 30min. I enjoy aquarunning! Forget everything I wrote on Monday, ITB does not feel that great.

This seems like a very obvious thing but I kind of realized it only yesterday: I have no running races planned for April, so there is no need to rush to get into training. My first race should be on May 15 and that's plenty of time to have ITB sorted out and even do some training, although my performance will be less than stellar. But it is not Olympics so that's no problem, I will do it for "fun" to know where I stand.

So from now on, I am not going to obsess about my ITB and beat myself for missed runs!
I am going to do my best not to loose fitness and take care of my ITB.

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