Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Chocolate nut brownie something Luna bar

Aren't they the best?
I am not a huge protein bars person, or at least I did not used to be until I was told that I need to eat more calories while working out.
I tried this brownie something Luna bar once in LA and it is the best thing I have ever had. Yummy! I saw it on sale today and bought two bars. I already ate one, which is totally surprising because normally both of them would be gone by this time...
If you have not tried it, you must do it, immediately!!!

I ran 7 miles today. I had 8 planned but decided to cut all my runs this week by at least 1 mile. It should still give me a pretty good mileage but it will be better on my ITB so it can get back to normal.
I went to the trail and it was all melting and wet. Which is great, but snow there is so packed that it will take some time to melt completely. It is ok for easy stuff but not for faster intervals. Therefore I hope track melts by the end of this week so I can do the workout there.

I also did bike workout. It was hard today. 30sec sprints with ONLY 30sec easy. I sprinted like crazy, then had just enough time to catch my breath and was off for the next one. My HR went to 183 on the last one. 183 on a bike! That's my record so far. The rest of the ride was pretty easy, just cruising.

I got hooked up on a bosu. I think it is a great thing for my ITB, because it works all different muscles. I do squads, or one legged squads (which is more like very bad replica of a one-legged squad) or I just try to stand on it on one leg, which is perfect for ITB. Really hard, I need to support myself by slightly leaning on a wall but I am getting there. Try that as well!

Left biceps hurts a bit, but it is nothing like last week. Right one does not hurt at all. It means that I am getting stronger!!! (or that I did not work hard enough yesterday)


  1. I have a bosu ball here at home. I should use it more- Moana uses it more than I do. ;)

  2. The bosu is so great! Really hard, but its fun!

  3. OK, I am jealous! The highest HR I have ever seen on my trainer is 153. The highest HR I can hold for 30 min is 140, and it feels like my legs are falling off. On the run, I often see 190 HR, so my heart is working well.

    I don't eat protein bars, or protein shakes, or green smoothies. I eat A LOT of real food. I do take gels when I race, though, but for the most part, I stick to real food, even when I train. I have a good stomach.

  4. my favorite luna bar flavor :) i also like the oatmeal raisin