Saturday, March 19, 2011

It is pretty cold

Too bad that the spring-like temperatures of 50+ degrees did not stick around longer and we were back to sub-40s in the morning today.
I decided to suck it up and went riding outside. I found another person nuts enough to go out with me but we waited till noon till it got relatively warmer. It was around 43 degrees when I left my place.

I was not that cold, but I still wished I had put on more cloths:(

I rode around 13miles to Stony Creek park, which took me almost an hour because I had to ride on sidewalks and it was a mess. Stony is perfect for riding, because there is nice 6 mile loop and not many cars therefore many bikers go there. The only problem was that it is around a lake and therefore it was even colder there! Plus we had some chili winds. Brrr.
I rode 2 loops with my new friend who called it quits after those two because she was too cold and she just got home from Japan on Tuesday so was dead tired. But it was still nice to have company and I hope we can ride together in the future.
I did another 2 loops alone and decided to try to ride in aerobars. I liked it and after couple kilometers I felt pretty confident in my ability to handle the bike using aerobars. (I also realized that I got less cold in aerobars than being straight up because less cold wind was getting to my torso. Hm, why did not I thing about it before, I did not have to freeze for past two laps!)
Then I rode back home and it was definitely warmer than when I was starting so I enjoyed that ride. Although some drivers are idiots. One lady tried to send me a message "you crazy cyclist, get off the road because road is MINE" by using her horn. It really pissed me off and I had to start breathing deep in order to calm myself and not knock on her window when she stopped at the red light and tell her how stupid she was using horn behind a cyclist because I could have got scared and jumped and fell right under her wheels. Some people just do not think!

I did total of 80.8 km and it took me 3.5 hours:( Not that great but considering that half of it was on sidewalks and I had to deal with frozen toes and fingers it was not that bad. I loved being outside.

(I was invited to another ride tomorrow but a guy who invited me must do it in the early morning and there is no way I am doing that! It will be too cold for a long ride. Too bad he cannot go later in the day, I would have joined him.)

After I defrosted myself I could not decide whether I should go running or not. I decided not to. Maybe I could have done some run/walk thing but I was not sure. I will do that tomorrow based on what the massage therapist tells me tomorrow.

The massage lady agreed to work on my ITB tomorrow morning because I told her that I would not have car afterwards and that I really wanted her to try to see what's going on in there. So that's a good news. I am really hoping that she would magically work it out! But I am not sure how that works so I might be being way too optimistic:(
I am really glad I am in the US - country that lives on debt- and I can use my credit cards to pay for everything right now. Otherwise I would starve to dead...But it will not be pretty when the time to pay them off comes:((

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  1. Glad you could ride outside today! Hey, at least it didn't rain on you. Actually, I think 40 and raining is truly the WORST riding conditions.