Monday, March 28, 2011

I just ran a full...

...MILE ish!!! Of course, not continuously, in 10 1min increments with 2min walk inbetween but whatever.

No pain, no discomfort, no nothing!!! I am totally thrilled (more than anyone should be about running a mile with 9 walking breaks...).

I am hoping to continue walk/jog this week but slowly building it up while continuing aqua running workouts and then next week build it even more with longer continuous runs and then try a workout week afterwards.
Well, at least that's the plan. But I am pretty confident that it is doable.

And maybe, just maybe I will not have to adjust my very ambitious (and at this point little overachieving) goal of running 40min for 10k on May 28. (But that's probably only endorphines talking right now)

But let's not jump ahead of ourselves. Maybe the ITB will start screaming at me tonight, afterall, only 5 min have passed since I finished the run. Whatever, I am happy.

I am off to the pool now. I have a looooong descending workout 3x600yards and description says something like this: "you should feel like puking by the middle of the last interval and then you push harder" (gulp). Okkkkk. I will try but I am not paying a pool cleaning fee!
I will be back to let everyone know how it went.

I did not puke, aparently my arms fall off before I have a chance to puke. I have mixed feeling about the workout, I tried to go hard but I have never done anything that long so I did not know how fast I can go to make it and I think I went too slow. I would prefer my coach giving me pace to hit. Although I would get really nervous about it and would be dreading the workout, I would at least work harder. I think.


  1. I am glad that you share the excitement about a mile with 9 walking breaks with me :)