Monday, March 21, 2011


No, unfortunately I am not talking about running. I have decided to give it one more day. Although I walked for over 2 hours from work. Normally it is only abut 1 hour walk but I had to go to the post office. Unfortunately post office is kind of in an opposite direction from my work. Maybe I could have waited till tomorrow and go there on bike but it is supposed to rain tomorrow, I have both run and swim tomorrow, I had nothing better to do today and the reason why I needed to go to the post office was that I am sending some vegetable seeds to my grandma (so she is not bored over summer:)) and I wanted to ship it asap because I knew she would be excited (it is a surprise) and it is already kind of late in the season. She already has all of her Slovak veggies growing.

So I was a weirdo walking on a road, sporting blue spandex, black/red sneakers and white socks while holding a huge pack of cookies and (of course) eating them. Whatever, nobody here knows me:) Now let's just hope I won't get thrown into a jail for trying to sabotage vegetation in Europe by planting American peppers and salad...
There is Borders right by the PO so I went there but they did not have anything that I liked so I ended up reading some stupid book about some wimpy middle-school kid. It was the only book I knew I can read in about an hour before it gets dark.

I had the time to do all this because my boss is either dead or ignoring me. He has promised me on Friday he would call me this morning and tell me what I was supposed to do this week since he is in Germany but he did not. And he did not respond to my emails neither. So I asked his secretary whether she has any news and apparently he called her in the morning. So it seems that he is not dead, he is just ignoring me. Because I had nothing to do so I left work earlier today.

Anyway, I have regressed little bit.
So Finalyyyyyyyyy. Not talking about running. I am talking about frozen cheese pizza. Last summer they had sometimes a promotion 10 for $10 for a pretty good frozen cheese pizza in a local grocery store.
And I have been hoping for the same promotion since I got here in February. And today the day finally came. And what a perfect timing! Because I was supposed to return the car this afternoon, I went to the store in the morning because Mondays are Banana days (Sundays are Eggs days and I totally forgot about it so I did not stock up on eggs, grrr). I got 7.4 pounds of bananas (stocking for few weeks, remember?) and then I saw it. 10 for $10 my favorite cheese pizza! I immediately bought 10 of them and now they are sitting in my freezer.
I do not like American pizza, it is disgusting, and I do not eat pizza very often, but frozen pizzas are pretty good, plus I usually put the whole bag of frozen veggies on top of it so it is not that bad. Although it is pretty small and has like 700 calories, but whatever. I do not eat it every day, although I might now:)

ITB felt great the whole day. So I am going to run tomorrow.


  1. Score!
    You don't like American Pizza? maybe you did not find a good, Italian pizza shop in American. I absolutely love pizza, but not any kind of pizza. When I went back home in the summer, there was pizza in Romania but they used ketchup instead of tomato sauce. Yuck!

  2. I like thin pizza with many many veggies, not deep-dish style pizza with one kind of veggies on it like they have here. But the truth is that I have not visited many pizza places.

    I love ketchup! Isn't ketchup the same as tomato sauce? Tomato as tomato...My mom makes the best home-make ketchup ever. I need to learn that. I put extra ketchup on my pizza. Also on bread with cream-cheese. And on pasta. And on veggies. Ok, I put it on everything. I know a person who puts ketchup on watermelon. I need to try that one out!