Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Altitude training reversed

The worst day EVER! (What a great start to a new month)

It all started at night when I woke up because I tried to stretch my arm and it hurt a lot. OMG, my both biceps have been hurting so much the whole day. It is probably from those pull-ups on Saturday and then a killer swim workout yesterday. I have never experienced anything like this. Except for when I ran that 3000m indoors in January but that was only for few minutes. And this was going on the whole day. Now it is much better, it still hurts when I try to stretch the arms but at least it does not hurt that bad anymore and it does not involve fist clenching and teeth grinding.

Then at work my payroll thing is all messed up and I did not get paid all my money for February. They are going to try to fix it by 15th of this month, but if they don't I have to wait till the end of March and I am not even going to have enough money to pay my rent!!! Fortunately we live in the United States so I can pay for other things using my credit cards and then just pay off those later.

And my run today..complete disaster. We have 35-37 temperatures during the day and then it is freezing in nights so everything melts and then freezes. And my trail today was horrible and that's an understatement. My pace for 7 miles was 9:14!!! 9:14!!!! What is that? Was I running on my arms and backwards? (I am really ashamed of that pace but I think that it would be just fair to share it here) There were parts where I had to almost walk to make sure my ankles survive. Because people walk there and then when it freezes it is very uneven with all foot traces (or whatever it is called). First 2-3miles I was dealing with it ok, but then I was getting progressively more frustrated and angry. If someone had offered me a ride home at my turn around I would have said yes without hesitation. I did not even finish those 7 miles, I stopped at 6.94 and walked the rest to my car. And I did not do strides neither. Too frustrated to deal with all that. Grrr.
You know how people go to altitudes to raise their HR, do cardiovascular/aerobic work without taxing muscles too much? Well, my run was a total opposite. My HR was probably very low since I was hardly moving, but my muscles were working hard just to move and balance me and keep me upright and prevent me from falling. Horrible!

At least my bike workout went well. 20sec sprints was a main set and I worked hard on those, ouch.
I also did few hip adduction and abduction exorcises and few squads on a bosu. I want that thing! I am sure it is very good for working on muscle imbalances, thus good for my ITB.

And guess who I met at the locker room? You remember that small girl who tried to trade her black lock for my pink one last week? When I came to my locker, she was there playing with my pink lock. Cracked me up. Apparently her mom has not bought her that pink lock yet.


  1. ah, i've been angry all winter too. it's so hard training in this stuff. i understand :(

  2. I'm sorry you had a bad day!