Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I do not know

I have no idea what the deal is. I am going back and forth with this ITB thing. It has felt great past two days and also today so I decided to run today.

By the way, we got a snow/ice/water storm and it was no fun biking in it from work. My face hurt from those small ice pieces hitting me, ouch. I got home and took a short break and then started to get dressed for a run. At that moment my wimpy part (or maybe it is my more reasonable part?) kicked in and I persuaded myself that biking in that weather to the track, running, biking to the Y for swim workout and biking back home would be a pure misery. I'm sure it was a good call.
So I just decided to run on a stretch of grass by my place, it is probably around 550-600m long. So I ran back and forth then walked for 3 min or so and ran again. I originally planned on doing it 5times but I started to have a weird feeling in the ITB area so I called it a day after 3 repetitions. So around 3.5k running. I do not know whether it was really ITB because it does not hurt at all now. Actually sometimes I feel a twitch there but it does not feel like ITB, it is more like where quad attaches to the knee above knee and to then side, just above my bothersome ITB.
I have no idea, I am totally confused and oversensitive.

Then I biked to the Y for swim. Just slow stuff, lot of paddle work which is still hard for me. I got a preferential treatment from a lifeguard today, he asked one of guys he knew to move to a different lane and share with other guy so I could have a whole lane for myself because he said I was fast:) Cool. I need to ask him what his name is next time I see him since he is so nice.

By the time I was done at around 10pm it started raining. Not fun riding home. Now I can hear ice falling against my windows. It will be a mess tomorrow morning if it starts freezing! I might have to walk to work.

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  1. What is the deal with this spring weather?? It snowed in New Jersey today...I'm sorry about your IT issues...so frustrating!