Monday, March 14, 2011

Good and bad

Today I had to tell HR that my boss is renting a car for me and now they are making him to take the car back. He said he would fight for it but he was not very optimistic. I will see how it works out and I am just hoping that he does not get into trouble because of me. But I had to tell them because of something they wrote into my internship contract:(
So maybe I will be back to talking/biking through this not very nice neighbourghood at 10pm...And I'm not sure I will get to the trail but I will figure that out later when I know what's going on.
Another very bad thing is that we had a cake at work today because it was somebody's birthday and I missed it!!! :(

But good news is that I had a very good swim workout today. Main set was 15x100yards holding 1:35 and with rest getting shorter. You could have set your watch by me! I was exactly at 1:35 (or a second faster, never slower) for all of them! The rest was pretty generous at the beggining so it was easy. And as the rest get shorter it never get harder!!! I was in a groom just ticking it off very comfortably. I'm thrilled!!!


  1. That's awesome. Perfect. Your time on the track is clearly translating right to the pool and paying attention to your pace over time allows you to nail it. That is a solid set. Though I'm sorry to say, you will regret saying that it wasn't that hard. ;)

  2. Yeah, sure, bring it on on on on on on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!