Sunday, March 27, 2011

Running workout of the day

I did only one running workout today but nevertheless it should be awarded the title. Because it kicked my a-double-s.

Maybe it was not actually the workout that kicked my a-double-s, maybe chlorine fumes and the fact that I could not expand my chest properly to breath have something to do with it as well.

I warmed-up for 20min or so and then did 8x3min hard with 90sec jog and then 20min cool-down.

I actually had to take a longer break half-way through because I was on a verge of drowning. It helped but then again the last one was horrible. Running in water is hard. It does not hurt as much as real running but it hurts. But maybe I just did not do it hard enough, maybe it is supposed to hurt like real running. But it was pretty hard anyway, so I take it.

I did ITB strengthening afterwards. It feels good so I will try run/walk shuffle tomorrow and I will be smart about it.

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