Friday, March 11, 2011

And strike comes to an end

I have had pretty spectacular (by my standards)swims past two weeks but it all came to an end today.
The swim was not too bad but it was not anything to write home about. I felt very sluggish from the very beginning although I was not going too slow. Just my arms felt very heavy. And my goggles were giving me trouble and some kids decided to cross my lane right as I was there so we had a small collision, twice!!! Then when I was doing main set I had very hard time pacing myself. The first interval was right on time and felt very easy. Then of course I cruised the second one because I thought I was going fast enough but I was not. And so it went on till the end. I thought I was going fast enough but was not I did not hit half of my paces. It was not that I could not go faster, I just thought I did not have to.

My Internet had a very good day yesterday so I finally could watch videos on how to do open turns and flip turns. Oh my, I do totally wrong. Exactly what they say that people should not do I do that: using hands to help me to flip. Pulling myself towards the wall and up etc. But now I know how to do it so I am going to practise this weekend.

Also today was a due date for my rental car. Thankfully my awesome boss rented me the car for another month:)

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