Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Off leash in shooooooooooooooooorts

It was 13 (55) degrees in the afternoon. Awesome. On my way to the track I stopped at my place to get shorts because I really did not expect it to be that warm later in the day since it was raining and kinda cold in the morning.

I did 6 "off leash" miles plus 4 strides. Off leash miles are miles you do when you suddenly find yourself in shorts and on track as opposed to hat, gloves, spandex and on icy trail and you are so excited that you have to hold yourself back and you still run 7:30 pace miles.
There were a lot of people on track today, lacrosse teams, runners, some other random people. Last week when I did my workout in wind,rain, ice I was the only one there.

ITB felt very good during the run but it is bothering me now. Nothing too bad but still.

I went to the local triathlon/duathlon club meeting today. All people were really nice. And I "won" bike bottle and some protein bars. Now I will have some people to run and bike with. I also met one lady who does sport massages and I think I will make an appointment with her for Sunday to try to work on my ITB. I have never had a sport massage (actually I had massage only once in my life), maybe it will help to loosen the ITB. She said that she worked a lot with people's IT bands and that she should be able to tell me what's going on and how to treat it. I am sure it will cost a lot of money but if it is going to help, it will be worth it!

I told my sister all about the meeting and she was like...Hm, you are weird. How can you get excited over things like those? So I asked her what makes her excited and she said: make-up, new cloths and tanned skin. She is weird, not me:)
She also said that 13 degrees is cold, because they are supposed to have 28 tomorrow! I am jealous.

I also swam in the morning and although it was "only" easy strength building swim, it was hard. Really strength building, a lot of paddles and bands. My poor arms...

I finally got a library card today, so now I can spend my free time (although I do not have that much free time actually) reading, not playing on internet like I am doing right now.

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