Saturday, March 12, 2011


My whole body hurts and I have not even done anything spectacularly hard. But that's what happens when you decide to do your 2h40min ride on a new bike (and in aerobars) that you have ridden only once before and only for 1 hour.

My crouch hurts, I cannot decide what is killing me more- my quads or my hamstrings, my neck is totally stiff and I had to stop half way through to roll my ITB because it started to act up.
First hour was the worst, my HR monitor did not work properly and I was fiddling with it and it was making me nervous and I just wanted to throw the stupid thing out of the window and I also had to adjust my seat height (on Wednesday it seemed ok, but today I felt it was too low). The second hour was ok, because I did 2x20min at HR 150-160, which is HARD on a trainer, harder than on a stationary bike, it hurt a lot, therefore it went by pretty fast. The last 40min were somehow easy, I guess because my "bottom" parts were totally numb by then so I just pedaled and pedaled.
I was really revealed to get off that thing. I need to get used to it and maybe by small incremental adjustments not by starting with the long rides.
I watched Avatar and some random show while biking. I am glad it was such a long movie although if I was to watch it in theater I would probably not be able to sit on one place for that long.

I also ran today. I ran before the bike ride because I had to do some errands and I was near the trail so it did not make sense to go home, bike and then ride to trail again. I did 8 miles. No pain, although by the end I started to feel little discomfort. I only wanted to do 7 and walk 1 mile but I was not paying attention and I thought that I still have 1 mile to go when I realize that I do not.

I did not have time to do my favorite pull-ups and bosu ball squats today:( Sad, very sad.

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