Thursday, March 17, 2011

1 day, 3 bikes, 0 runs

Am I cool or what? I rode a road bike to work and back, then I took a mountain bike to get to the Y and back and did a bike workout on a stationary bike!

It was nice and warm today so there was no way I was going to drive! Unfortunately I could not do bike workout outside because of traffic here.
Too bad it is supposed to get colder in next few days.

I wanted to do running workout today but the ITB had been bothering me the whole day! WTF?!? (Excuse my language)
So I skipped the run and was thinking about skipping the bike workout as well but then decided to see how that goes.
I did some longer harder intervals. I was dripping sweat all over the place, it was disgusting.
ITB did not feel great, I felt a constant tension but then on my last interval something happened: my ITB totally loosened up and felt great since. Weird!

I contacted the lady for ITB massage and should do it on Sunday. I hope it helps!

I have been reading news about Fukushima in Japan. I was 1.5 years old when Chernobyl in Ukraine exploded and of course I do not remember that but my parent were saying that that summer the mushrooms were as huge as footballs! (Mushrooms are great radioactivity catchers.) And of course we ate them. I ate them. As far as I can say, I am normal.

Today I listen to a voicemail message I left for someone and man, I have a weird accent! I cannot hear it when I talk but when I hear myself talking then I hear it. Poor people who must listen to me:) My sister has been in Arkansas for past 4 years and she pronounces some words differently than I do. For example "back" or "graduate", she says "a" as a pure "a" whereas I say it like "e".
When I first came to the US for college little over 5 years ago I really could not tell difference between people's accents, Slovak, American, German, Mexican, it all sounded the same to me. Only later I was able to distinguish them.
But I think that my English accent is better than my French accent. My French friends always made fun of me, especially when I said "service" when I was serving a ball at volleyball practice. That cracked them up.
But French people have horrible accent when they speak English. I do not know how to call it, (I have my own word for it, sleeky) it is disgusting, I cannot listen to it. Also some Russians have horrible accent. Ok, not Russians, but people from Belarus and Ukraine. I do not like their English accent.
Czechs have very funny accent, I can distinguish that one immediately.

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