Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I am sticking to my plan! I promise.

I sent email to my coach (actually to both of them) this morning letting her know that ITB did not feel that hot and that I am not going to run this week.
But in reality it does not feel that bad, actually it feels great right now...
But I am not going to run, not necessarily because my ITB hurts but because I have been going back and forth with this ITB thing for the whole week and I have kept changing my mind every single day and now that I made my decision not to run official I am sticking with it (at least until the weekend).
Somewhere deep inside I know that it is a right decision. But I still feel pretty down about it. Like a complete slacker. And I indeed am a slacker because I wanted to go to the gym to do pull ups but I did not. Too lazy to do that:( I have blamed not going on the weather though. It was nasty.

I woke up and went outside (in my PJ) and it was raining and sidewalks were icy. Great. I figured that walking to work would be less dangerous that biking. But by the time I got ready it stopped raining and as I was walking I realized that only sidewalks were icy, not roads. So I went back home, changed and took bike.
Unfortunately this "nice" weather did not last long. After work I got out of the building and the bike was covered with ice. It looked pretty amazing though. So I kept poking the seat with my keys to break the ice because I was not going to sit on it. Eventually I succeeded. The handlebar were covered with ice as well but they thaw eventually. Also breaks started to work, eventually. But at first I got scared big time because I was approaching the intersection and they would not break! Fortunately I managed to stop. By the time I got home I was covered with ice myself and my hands were totally frozen. Then no wonder I was not too keen on walking to the gym...

But I had a pretty hard bike workout that I did on a trainer, so I am not that huge of a slacker I guess. 1.5h with increasing effort each 30min. Last 30min were brutal, I cannot decide what hurted more: my butt or my legs. I think that butt wins. And I almost choke on water and gel. I was told to take a gel during the ride and let me tell you, those gels are nasty sweet things. I got few PowerBar gels last week (I would not buy it myself, I think that bananas are much better) and I tried apple flavor. Ok, it was quite yummy but disgustingly sweet.

My boss still ignores me (or is dead as I mentioned before) so I had the whole day to work on my thesis. I am at 35 pages now and it is coming along. I have hard time collecting data and then writing it without breaking any confidentiality rules but I think I am in a pretty good shape to have it done next week and then I will send it to my adviser for follow up if she still wants to work with me because I have never talked to her about my progress....


  1. Yay, thesis almost done. That is huge! Those things are HARD to get done! Have you tried GU? I love the Pinneaple Roctane (not that sweet) and chocolate Gu. I can't do Power gels:) Like you, I much prefer food, but the problem with taking food is that it takes a long time for the nutrients (sugar) to get to your blood stream...When I ride easy I make peanut butter sandwiches or get a huge muffin...

  2. Wow, 35 pages...that is great!