Monday, March 7, 2011

Nothing exciting

ITB feels good, although I might have felt it when I pushed off the wall hard. It's either that or my imagination. I am so concentrating on any pain, twitch, anything that I do not know what is real and what's not...

I did not run today, only did a swim workout. This week is pretty easy, last week was the challenging one.

I am again pleased with my swim today. Did some drills and then intervals- longer steady effort followed by all out 50s. I held 1:50 for 300s and 50s were around 43, 41, 40ish. So pretty good. I finished with paddle work and one thing I realized is that my left shoulder joint does not hurt anymore when I do this. When I started real work with paddles at the beggining of February the shoulder used to bother me sometimes, now nothing. Which means that either my muscles holding shoulder in place are stronger and thus support it or that my technique has improved!

I would like to make a trip somewhere in April for a long weekend. Any suggestions? I was thinking about going to Toronto/Niagara Falls or Montreal. I have already been to Toronto but I have one friend there who I can stay with and I really like him, he is very nice person so it would be great to catch up. I have also been to NF but only from the US side.
I have never been to Montreal therefore I would like to go there, although it is further.


  1. If I were you, I would go someplace warmer :) but I am sure you will have a great time!

  2. you've already been to boring old Toronto. Come to Montreal. If, by any chance, you wanted to come for the week-end of May 13-15, I could offer you a place to stay and take you to a 5 km/10 km road race. (sorry I know youw anted april and I forget your travel plans, you may already be in Europe then). Oooh! I could also offer you a place to stay as well on the week-end of March 18-20 (no race though).

  3. @Keri: yeah, someplace warm...I would love to. Unfortunately no warm place is within a reasonable driving distance from here:( But summer is coming!!!