Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I think I have changed my mind

Today at work during my lunch break I was playing on my computer and looked into some bike races. I think that it would be fun to do a bike race, don't you think so?

But then in the evening I did a bike workout and I think that I have changed my mind. Biking hurts, a lot. I always knew that, I have always thought that it is harder than running. And today I did 2x8x30sec sprints with only 30sec rest and it hurt. 30sec sounds like nothing, but it is enough to make your hurt like hell on a bike.
So now, I am not sure about that bike race. It would be a total torture.
(Although now it has been almost 2 hours since I finished the workout and I am starting to forget how much it hurt so I am again starting to think that it would be fun...stupid me)

Also ran 8 miles, no pain at all. I stopped at mile 4 to massage the ITB and it felt great. Trail is melting, it should be perfectly runable by the end of this week!!!
However I felt ITB a bit on a bike, but just for a moment and then it went away, which is weird because it has almost never bothered me while biking before my ride on Saturday. I also felt it while stretching...weirdness.

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  1. Bike races are purely tactical. Unless it's a TT, in which case it's more like a 5K. I would recommend doing some outdoor group rides prior to entering a hike race. They are completely different than running races! But we can talk more about this if it's something you want to do! Personally, I think bike races are a blast!