Sunday, March 6, 2011

Darn good common sense?

Yesterday I was accused of having one. So today I had to do something to defend myself against that statement and I ran 8.5miles.

Just kidding. About the need to defend myself, not about 8.5miles...
But still maybe it was not the brightest idea.

As I mentioned yesterday we got quite a bit of snow in the afternoon. Around 2-3 inches (you see, I am using inches now. But it is only because I am not good at estimating length and an inch gives me a broader range than a centimeter does. My dad would go mad about this. He measures everything to millimeters and everything must be accurate to the dot. For example, few years ago we were digging/landscaping our lawn to make a small volleyball/basketball court in our yard (I remember this because I did not have to go to school, I had to stay home and dig. Every school kid's dream, seriously.) Anyway. What do you think, how leveled the surface of a small grass volleyball court in someones backyard must be? Apparently, it must be 100% leveled because we were using a bubble level tube thing for landscaping to level it out so there is no sloping to one side, or to the middle or to the side from the middle! Isn't it crazy? But don't worry, we are not cutting the grass there with ruler and scissors like Wimbledon guys do...)
Back to my run. So we got snow and therefore I was able to go to my nice snowy road in the morning and did not have to drive to the trail. The only bad thing was that sun was shining and it was getting warmer so by the time I did my second loop on the road some snow was gone and it is was more like running on a road not on snow. So I called it a day after 8.5miles.

I felt ITB once or twice, maybe three times during the day, nothing serious.

Then I walked (yes I walked, it was very nice outside and I am getting lazy now that I have a car) to the Y, did a lot of stretching, foam rolling and few exercises on bosu for ITB strengthening. Afterwards I went to the pool to work on my flip turns but 30min and no real progress. I should watch some videos on how to do it properly but my internet is way too slow to play videos of internet. I will try to download some and then play them.

Last week I did pulls ups on Saturday and then swim workout on Monday and my biceps were hurting so much on Tuesday that I could not stretch my arms painlessly. I did pull ups again this Saturday and I think that the history will repeat itself because they are pretty sore. But that's good, if muscles hurt then they grow, right?

Today I finished the last piece of bread I bought on January 31. Can you imagine what they put in that stuff so it was edible over one month later? Of course, it was not the freshest but edible. It must be full of artificial stuff, blah!

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  1. ughh so over snow. Good for you doing pull ups!