Monday, February 28, 2011

Minor fail

I had a pretty challenging swimming workout today:

Some 1200yards warm-upish and then 2x100yards @ 1:35, 8x100 @ 1:50, 2x100 @1:35, all back to back. I kinda knew that those 100 @ 1:35 would be a long stretch and that I might drown in process but I was ready to do my very very best. Apparently my very very best was not enough, because I did not make the 2nd intervals already.
Already the first was only so-so, I only had time to look at the clock and had to start the second 100, which I did in 1:37ish.
8 100s @ 1:50 were easy-peasy, I did them roughly in 1:37-1:42 and felt strong and efficient and then last 100s came. I really tried but pushed only 1:36 for the first one and I am not entirely sure for the second one, I think it was around 1:39. But it was more like 200 than 2x100 because I had no rest between.

I do not know how to go faster. I really don't. Longer strokes? Faster strokes? Probably faster longer strokes:) I know that other no-swimming-background people have the same problem, we do not know how to work hard in pool. YET!!!
Before (December and prior) I would just kick like crazy and that will propel me forward, but I don't do that anymore, I am trying to save legs for running and biking and use my arms instead. Ok, I tried to kick like crazy but it seems that I have forgotten how to do that. Before (you know, prior to December) my legs used to hurt a lot, not my arms, only my legs, now only arms hurt and even they don't hurt as much as I think they should.

I think that I am getting some swimmer's muscles on my arms, I can sometimes see them, although they are mostly covered by fat. I am fat and out of shape, but who is not in February, and few days before period, right? I should ditch that stupid car, it is making me fat because I do not walk as much as I used to and now I can actually go and buy food.

Maybe I will ride a bike to work tomorrow. Today was a perfect day for a bike ride (well, not perfect, but better than other winter days in Michigan in February) but I could not go and try out my new bike because I had promised to another intern at work that we would go to the movies. I have already canceled on him last week so I could not stood him up again today. We saw Just go with it, it was pretty funny. (I am not a very sophisticated movie watcher, I hate movies that make you think. But I am sophisticated enough to think that Mean Girls is one of the stupidest movies ever.)


  1. That was a challenging set on purpose... and just the effort at the end to make those (even if you didn't actually make them) was excellent. What that set shows us is that your endurance is rather good in the water. You need speed. Clearly, if you missed the first ones too... bc you should be able to hit 1:35's. And we can work on that. Stroke rate (arm turnover) definitely should increase when you are trying to go faster. Nice work! That was not supposed to be easy. :)

  2. I am with you, except you probably are faster:)
    I have one speed in the pool, just one! I can keep going and going, no problem, but when I try to move faster my form collapses. I also swim with my arms only, it's like I forget about my legs. I'll work on arm turn over, like Michelle said, and some shorter intervals. Also, do you flip turn or push of the wall, bc if you don't, your times are really impressive! I see some swimmers who flip turn and get to the middle of the pool just from the push!

  3. One of these days I swear I will try a swimming workout. Maybe you can recommend one for a beginner??

  4. @Keri, me?!? I know nothing about swimming, seriously. But I would say that learn a proper efficient technique first and only then do something longer/intervals. If you have mastered a proper technique already, well then you are more advanced than I am and YOU could give ME some tips:)

    @AM, well thank you, but you do realize those times are for yards and not meters, don't you?:) You should try to do some intervals with watch and we can compare:)
    I do not do flip-turns, I am learning them and do them only when I do easy/moderate swim for now. I need to master them better before I do them in intervals. I also need to learn how to push off the wall. I am worried to hit the wall hard with my feet and push off it because it in my mind it is very bad on joints. I know that it is very weird being a runner and pounding constantly but I want at least swimming to be easy on my poor legs:)