Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Vertical swimming + Run

I still got a car this morning so I went to check out the pool at the local YMCA this morning. It was awesome. There were not that many people and I had the whole lane for myself, woo-hoo.
It was hard, I did a lot of swimming with paddles and bands. Without pull buoy, my legs go straight to the bottom and then I end up dragging them behind me and it is HARD to move. And I do not even use real bands (I have something that used to be a hair/sweat band that I wrap around my ankles but it gives me some room for movement so I frenetically kick my feet, but it is not working). Therefore vertical swimming.
I did a lot of swimming with paddles and my poor arms were tired afterwards, although I am sure it is good for me. I can see that my right arm is stronger than my left arm, because I can keep a nice high right elbow even when it gets hard, but I sometimes drop the left elbow to fake the movement.

I am 99% positive that the pool here is 25 yard pool because it seemed very short compared to what I am used to. This means that I should really try to do flip turns, otherwise it is not that great. Starting today I am flip turning during my easy swims.

Swimming was great, so great that I was 15min late for work my first day. But no biggie because my boss' assistant was also late and I had to wait for her to help me set everything up.
Work was very uneventful, I did not do anything because it is a month-end and nobody had time for me.

Afterwards I dropped the car off at a rental place and I went running. It was pretty cold, but whatever. I found one road that is reasonably covered with snow so I can run there and avoid hard surfaces. I am not sure whether it is safe to run there because that city does not have the best reputation but it was residential area and houses were nice, so I suppose it is fine. I did 50 minutes and I can feel ITB a bit because half of it was on a regular hard road. Tomorrow I will do only snow roads.

Apparently a huge snowstorm is coming this way. They say it is supposed to be one of the biggest snowstorm in past few years, so we should see. I am sure it won't be anything I have not seen yet and if they clear a road at least a bit, I don't care.
When I was at high school, I always ran on track and they did not clear it in winter so I did intervals in snow that was way above my ankles. Of course, those were not quality intervals but well.
I suspect nobody will be at work tomorrow. I hate snow days. I have never experienced a snow day, we don't have that in Slovakia. I do not know how much snow we would have to have to call it a snow day. If you can't get to work, it is your fault and bear the consequences. But why would not people be able to come to work? Snow tires on cars are required in Slovakia. But of course there is a lot of car accidents when it snows a lot but it is people's fault that they are not careful. Therefore I don't fully understand this snow days thing. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that in Slovakia people don't commute such huge distances to work (although nowadays it is starting). But also colleges are closed here, and most students live on campus so what's the big deal? If professors can't get to work it is their problem, students should not suffer and be deprived the opportunity to learn (ok, I know. NO student thinks like that).
I am sure I will not like a snow day because I am paid by hours so no work=no money. I think I will go (WALK) to work anyway, just to see and maybe I can find someone who can give me some company contacts to Mexico and I can start working on my thesis. I am sure my boss won't be there because he comes from Windsor in Canada every morning and if weather is bad, it is not worth it because he spends hours and hours in traffic.

I still do not have a bike. But my colleague offered me to lend me her bike that she lent me in summer while I was waiting for my bike to arrive. It is little bit too small for me but it is better than nothing. I need to tell her to bring it to work on Thursday.

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  1. You need to get an old punctured bike tube and cut it into a 2ft length and tie that around your ankles for bands. :) It is so good for strength building in the water, and given that you are a runner, well, let's just say that runners aren't known for their big strong upper bodies. ;) Glad you found a good pool though!!

    I like reading about how you're moving all around and settling in... reminds me of my 20's. :)

    And fun to hear your take on snow days too. We Americans are so freakin' spoiled, huh?