Monday, February 7, 2011


It seems that I am so getting used to training that I do not even think about it.

I got home from work today and immediately set of to the Y for swim/bike brick. I was half way there when I realized that I have not checked the pool schedule and that it is very likely that the pool would not be even open. Sure enough, swim team had training there for next 1.5hours
So I had to consider all my options.
1, Go home and come back later. No, I am crazy but not that crazy.
2, Do bike first and swim afterwards. Well, what would be the point to this brick workout then?
3, Switch days and do a pure bike workout today. No, I do not remember what the workouts for other days are.
4, Run. No, I did not bring my knee bandage and don't want to risk it.
5, Again considering the "go home and come later" option. No, even if I was that crazy, after the pool is open I would not have enough time to do both swim and bike before the Y closes.

Surprisingly, the option to just go home and do nothing did not even occur to me. Not because I am that dedicated, I think that it has something to do with me trying to be very very efficient and don't waste anything (food, money, water, plastic bags etc) and if I went home, then that 30min walk to the Y would be waste of time and energy if I did not do anything while there.

Therefore I did weights for 40min or so. I need to get into weights routine anyway, I have been slacking lately.

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