Sunday, February 6, 2011

Great Sunday

Great training day today.
In the morning I ran for 90min. Nine Zero. That is the longest I have run since mid-June. Run was great. The running conditions not so much because the temperature was around 0Celsius and everything is melting. Therefore almost all my snowy roads were melted and it was like running in water. I also did quite a bit of the run on a road. Did not like that. But otherwise it was great, I felt good, legs not tired. However, two hours later I started to feel little soreness. But it was not anything that an awesome aerobic ride would not fix:)

They have very cool bikes and treadmills in the local Y. Each has its own small monitor and you can choose different simulated routes or watch TV. I was supposed to do longish ride today, for about 75min. So I decided to see how those routes thing work. There were also virtual riders with me, uphills, down hills, turns and it was really cool. Of course I would get really pissed if I got dropped or passed because I was supposed to keep my HR in certain range. So that was not fun. But I still did pretty good compared to some of my virtual opponents:) I did the route in 72min so it was perfect timing and it just flew by (only afterwards I realized how much my butt hurts). I wish I could do these fun rides more often because I really had a blast and just hoping that sometime in the future I will be able to forget about HR and then I can kick some virtual ass.

I ran around 39miles this week. Can you believe it????

PS: We lost 3:2 in Fed Cup to the Czech girls. Oh well.

PS2: I got invited for a bike ride today. From some friends in LA. Too bad. I am not sure whether it was for real or just to tease me. Not funny.


  1. Not quite 20 miles but I will take it :)

  2. Pretty soon you'll be kicking virtual ass while saying "My HR is only 150, virtual bitch!" ;)

  3. 90 min, 75 min, kill me without mercy, LOL