Friday, February 11, 2011

Look what I got today!!!

Awesome, isn't it? My company gave me a car today. Not gave but you know what I mean.
My boss could not stand anymore me riding a bike to work every day and today when it was snowing in the morning and me still riding was probably the last drop. So he took me to the car rental place in the afternoon and I got a car.
(I love working for a big company for which few thousand bucks does not make a difference)

It is great, now I can do so many things like for example
- go get fresh food (although last week when I got here I bought enough food to last me at least a month. But fresh is fresh.)
- go run at the trail I used to in the summer. Now I can go there straight from work before it gets dark. No more road running.
- swim in the mornings. This way I do not have to run and then go swimming immediately afterwards. Plus I do not have to walk those 5 miles every day.
- make a trip somewhere! Go skiing! Go to the movies! Anything that I could not really do before without having to walk at least an hour.

Of course, I love biking. I would not mind biking to work every day, what I did not like was that I could not go anywhere. So I am really happy it has worked out this way. It has turned out that you do not have to be a German engineer to get a car after all.

I also wrote 2.5pages of my thesis today. 48 to go..

Anyway, I just ran 8 miles. Felt much better than on my run on Tuesday. ITB was ok. I still felt it yesterday when I was lying in the bed, but today no problem.

I am off to the pool now. I love that I do not have to walk in the dark anymore.


  1. I love that you do not have to walk in the dark anymore either! YAY!

  2. No way!!! how cool. they must think very very highly of you!
    Don't let it make you lazy :)
    just kidding, I doubt that would ever, ever happen but it seemed like a hard-ass coachy type thing to say.

  3. PPC, don't worry, it won't make me lazy. I still have to walk to get to the car...