Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What a small world

Aparently on Sunday I went skiing on a huge pile of garbage. But you know what? The hill looked so artificial that I totally believe it.

Today at work the most hilarious thing happened. I was eating lunch in cafeteria and there were two guys sitting at the table next to mine. They were talking and I thought I heard them talking Slovak (not that I do not know what Slovak sounds like, but they were far enough that I could not recognize whether they were speaking Polish, Czech, Slovak or Russian). So I pretended to go get ketchup and I walked by their table to hear better. And indeed they were speaking Slovak! So I stopped by and said hello (in Slovak). They looked at me with the funniest face expressions ever. They were not expecting to find another Slovak there. So they came to Michigan for R&D training and they are from the same location I used to work for in Slovakia! Pretty amazing. Ok, it's not that random since this is the same company but still, if I were not sitting at that table I would not have known. They are staying for one week, maybe I will ask them whether they want to go out for dinner with me or something.
I also think that there is more of them because I am 97% sure I heard someone talking Slovak (I am spending too much time hanging out with non-Slovak speaking people:) on a phone when I was leaving work. It sounded just like the manufacturing director from my location in Slovakia (who by the way is one of the handsomest men I have ever seen).

My colleague today tried to introduce me to our cooking chef at work because I casually mentioned that I should get married in next 3 or so months....

So those were some random fun facts. Now let's get serious.
Today happened what everyone was fearing: warm weather past few days when everything started to melt and then freezing temperatures
today. My trail did not look great today. I was still able to run there but I could not pick ups because I am sure I would have broken an ankle or two. I did 6 easy miles and will do pick ups some other day.

Then I went straight to the Y to do bike workout. Man, biking off running is probably harder than running off biking. I felt pooped ( you see, my English vocab is flourishing). Or maybe it is just that I was supposed to hit certain HR on a bike, whereas I don't have any target for a run when I run off bike. First 25 min were horrible, I was ok cardiovasculary but not musculary! I did 10min w/up, then steady riding and my quads hurt! Then I did 20sec sprints and although they were pretty hard (20s never felt longer) I felt much better on those than at the beggining of a workout. Maybe I should do this reversed brick more often, in case I decide to try a duathlon one day.


  1. Ha, it always feels weird when I meet other Romanians in the US. Biking hard on running legs is hard. Much easier the other way around, I think. Some people do bike, run, bike, run workouts, never tried it.
    So I am not going for a sub 1:25 now, but would love a PR (old one high 1:32). Suffering for 10 miles, with 3 hard miles; 3 moderate effort miles at the beginning.

  2. Oh yes- biking after running is very hard. we don't practice that a lot b/c we don't do duathlons too often. You'd prob be great at Duathlon though. :)