Thursday, February 17, 2011

Just another day

Due to some unexpectable events yesterday (going to the NBA game with my new Slovak friends who by the way would be totally lost without me- I showed them where grocery stores are, took them out for lunch, to the game etc), I did not swim yesterday.
I ran 8 easy miles yesterday, not fun because everything is melting and I was sliding in all directions and got all wet. But I get to run on "my" trail, so no complains. It is awesome! I am not very proud of driving a car there 5x a week (7-8 miles from my place), with all those pollutants and stuff but what can I do??? I can't bike there because it gets dark early and I can't run on roads:( So I must pollute ( and spend money on gas).

Anyway, I had to do swim this morning. My swims are not spectacular these days. When I did that test almost two weeks ago I must have been in a great swimming shape or something, because past few days I can't hit my paces! There is a lot of work to do because I become an efficient, fast swimmer. But I surprised myself today at least in some intervals, because I (almost) hit my paces when swimming with paddles. But it took way too much out of me and then the rest of the workout was just blah. I mean not to bad, but not great.

After work I had 2 hours on a bike. It was awesome!!!!!! I kicked some serious virtual butts today! I was moving at pretty good clip (although kept HR in check) but I LOVED it. I was not bored at all. I never get bored working out. I can do 8 miles on track no problem, 2 hours stationary bike no problem. Ok, I used the planned route with screen during the bike ride today but still.
I love biking. Maybe I should do more run/bike and bike/run bricks and try duathlon.
I finished the bike with a short run, like a brick on a diet. 1mile (half at 7:30min pace to loosen up the legs after the ride, half at 7:00 pace). Pathetic, I know but that's as long as I can run on treadmill, I am not pushing my itb luck.


  1. Glad you are feeling so so good!!! YEAHHHHHH :)))

  2. Thank you! It is not 110+ miles bike rides (yet), but better than nothing:)