Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My first ever snow day

The huge storm that they forecasted was not as huge as they thought so when I woke up and saw that there were only few inches of snow and ploughed roads I set off to go to work because I honestly thought that someone would be there. But no, when I got there were only around 10 people in building. But I decided to stay and do some thesis research. I realized that I really need to talk with someone who can give me first-hand info, so I called it quits after 3 hours.
I got a ride back home with a pizza delivery guy. He saw me walking and asked whether I need a ride. Sure. It is not that other drivers did not think about offering me a ride, but there were no other drivers. I did not met a single car while I was walking home. Probably because it was snowing pretty hard by that time.

I got home, ate lunch, tried to take a nap. I am not used to taking nap so it did not work out very well.
Then I went for a run. It was ok. Although it was snowing with a very strong headwind one way, I enjoyed it because I did not really had to worry about cars since there were not any and snow made for a softer surface. I was planning on doing 60-65 min, but I had to go to bathroom very badly. It was not like I could pee in bushes since there were not any and I was on a street. I made it home in 55min and after a pit stop I was too lazy to go out again for 10min.

I also went to Y later. I do not know whether it is normal but sidewalks were not cleared of snow. I know that I am the only person walking in this country but they could cleared them for me, right? And I could not walk on a road because it is one of the main road and pretty busy, so I had to drag myself through all that snow that was sometimes up to my knees and climb the snow walls created by snow plowers (I have no idea what the owrd for this is). That was a pretty workout in itself and it took me over 40min to get there.

There were not that many people in YMCA. I thought that cardio will be packed today but no. Bike workout in Y, some core exercises, shower and back home. Fortunately some sidewalks were already cleared but it still was not ideal.

I need to do a swim workout tomorrow morning and it will be horrible. I need to walk to Y, then back home and then walk to work. And if those streets are not cleared it would be horrible, it would take me forever. I have to get up before 5am. I know that some people do that every day but I am not used to that. I used to work in the bakery at college and I had to get up at 5:30am couple times a week but past 2+ years I could usually sleep at least till 7am. This triathlon training/work/winter/no car thing is difficult.

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