Sunday, February 13, 2011

How do you create a ski resort?

Firstly, you find a molehill. Then you sprinkle it with a little bit of snow. Afterwards, you build there as many chairlifts as you can fit onto a molehill. Et voila, you have a Midwestern ski resort!!!

But let's start from the beginning. We had spring-like weather today! In mid-40s. Wow, snow is melting, which is a good thing, my trail will get clear.
In the morning I did my long bike ride: 1h45min. I messed it up a little and therefore rode it much harder than I was supposed to. Well, maybe it will make me stronger:)

Then I promised my grandmother I will skype with her, so we talked for an hour or so, and of course she did not forget to tell me that all the running/biking/swimming is just waste of money because I am not a real athlete and therefore there is no point of doing it if I am not going to represent Slovakia on world championships etc. Horrible, just horrible.

Then I ran 6 easy miles again on my favorite trail and loved it. I wore only one t-shirt and one thin long-sleeved shirt! I wished the weather stayed like this. Or maybe I should have stayed in LA. I finished with 5 strides.

And then I went to the molehill. I did not know what it will be like but as soon as I saw it and had to laugh hard because this ski resort is one of the funniest things I have seen in my life. It is basically one hill (which is a huge overstatement) in the middle of a flat land. I wonder how it got there...
There were 6 chairlifts and couple ropes, but it was just so small and flat. Really boring. I did not like it at all, because it is way too easy for me, no challenge. But interestingly I experienced my first fall this skiing season.
I skied for 3 hours and went home because I spent 4 minutes on a lift and then was down in one minute. Ridiculous. I do not think I will go back. Maybe for snowboarding because it is good for beginners.

So this was a pretty eventful and very tiring weekend. I have a day off tomorrow, so my legs should be back to normal by Tuesday.

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  1. your ski "hill" is possibly a gigantic mound of garbage covered with earth and snow, my understanding is that this is the origin of some midwestern ski "resorts"