Friday, February 4, 2011

I am IN!!!

I signed up for my first ever triathlon. May 28. It is called Island Lake triathlon and it seems pretty low key, so exactly what I need.

Olympic distance. Hopefully by that time I will build enough strength to swim 0.9miles in a respectable time, bike 24.8miles without completely destroying legs so I can run and not jog 6.2miles at the end. It sounds pretty easy on paper but I am sure it will not be that easy.
I have been complaining abut road races costs here. Ok, I am not going to do that anymore, because paying $70 bucks for a triathlon race is outrageous. That's like half the price of a bike I am going to ride that triathlon on! Unbelievable.

But I am PUMPED anyway. I am really happy I found this race. This being Michigan and people pretending it is cold here (it has not that cold, really), there are hardly any triathlons or road races before summer.
And I really wanted to do one before I fly back to Europe on June 1:(

Plus now I will have extra motivation to walk my butt to YMCA everyday. I really don't mind walking those 2.5miles there and then back but people at work were saying that I should be careful because this is not the best neighborhood and I go there after work when it is dark already. Even if I went there in the morning, I would be walking in the dark, so that would not change anything.
If they are so concerned about my safety, they should give me a car! (They have plenty of company cars and R&D testing cars that just sit there. My boss said that he would try to persuade someone to give me R&D car pretending I will be their test driver. But I am not a German engineer, so I do not expect such luck)

Unfortunately the 10k on road French universities champs is one week after this triathlon and I might not be well rested (plus I will fly over the Atlantic 3 days prior). But I am not even sure whether they will let me do the race because I will not run any qualifying races in France and I am not sure how waiver works. I will deal with that later for now I am thrilled about this triathlon.

No run today. It is a rest day.
Bike workout, steady riding and big gear intervals. Pretty hard and my HR shoot up to low 170s on those, which is really high for bike.


  1. Yay!! And you crack me up- $70 for an Olympic Distance Tri is absolutely as cheap as they come. We have a sprint here that is $95... 1/2IM's (big ones) are $250 and Ironmans are now $600. Just to enter. It's nuts.
    I love how dedicated you are- walking 2.5 miles in the dark and snow to go swim/bike. People come up with the craziest excuses to skip workouts- you actually *have* the excuses but you do not use them. THAT will make you a great triathlete. ;)

  2. Seems I need to find a really well paid job just to be able to enter races. I will keep that it mind when applying for jobs this spring.
    It's true, I'm very dedicated when my family is not around:)

  3. I just got the best idea ever. I should publish an ad that I will shovel sidewalks for people who are lazy to do it themselves. Win-win situation, I will make money, get in a workout and sidewalks will be cleared.

  4. Ha - yeah particiapting in tris is wildly expensive in so many ways. But once you are hooked, it is HARD to let go - plus once you have all the equipment it gets less expensive (in theory, but then you'll want BETTER equipment). They are just so fun. I think an Olympic distance is a good distance to start with. I would definitely recommend getting your hands on a wetsuit before you swim in that freezing cold May Michigan water. I actually love swimming in cold water - but wetsuits are really what make it bearble - and you go a lot faster.

    Well, I'm really exciting to follow along in your training.

  5. SLG, you are probably right about that freezing Michigan May water:) I don't like being cold so I should start looking into those wetsuits.