Sunday, February 27, 2011

Just an easy 11 miler

Or rather 11ish. I hate the Garmin. It is such a stupid gadget and it does not work properly. Is it only mine or are all of them like that? I wish I did not buy it.

Maybe it is just tying to tell me that we do not spend enough time together or something. I use it very sporadically and then when I do something aways seems to go wrong for me. I have used it pretty often in France and it worked great. Now when I use it twice, three times a month it is rebelling against me. I guess we just need to bond again.
I wanted to actually measure 11 miles today and not do it by my time/pace/distance estimations like I usually do it. But my Garmin froze before I start running.

So I did not have a watch or anything. I ran on my usual out-and-back trail so I know where 3.25miles is and I kind of know where 4.5miles might be so I just added another estimated 1mile and turned back. I am sure than I cannot be off by more than 800m.

11miles was it for today. Pretty easy day.
Next week should be challenging swimming-wise and biking wise, running is just building!
I did 42ish miles this week, woo-hoo!!!!!

Can you believe that I have been here for 4 weeks already! I cannot believe it, it went by sooooo quickly! Unbelievable.


  1. I never have problems with my Garmin. I have the 305 and love it!

  2. try putting your garmin outside for 30 minutes before you start your run. i think it might just need extra time to get a satellite lock.

  3. Well, outside, I have no "outside" to put it:(
    Plus it is not satellite problem. It is more like I don't use it often enough and then the poor thing is totally shocked when I make it to function.