Sunday, February 20, 2011

Training management

I have totally failed in that this week.

Due to weather and socializing, I kept postponing my faster runs for later until I realized on Friday that I have only 3 days left and 3 key workouts left. Ok, key workouts at this point are 8miles+strides, 11miles, 6miles with 5x1min fast, but still.

So after 8+strides on Fri and 11 yesterday I was supposed to do 6 w/ 5x1min fast today. The running conditions were not great-everything melted and then froze, but there are only 7 days in a week so I had to get it in. I found a ~300m stretch that was somehow clear and safe for faster efforts and did my run. It was nice to run faster, although speed is relative:)
And my poor legs...not used to this.
I wonder whether it would have been better to run those runs on a road during a week and potentially hurt the ITB or pack them to 3 days and potentially hurt something else. The later is probably better for me.

And my poor training management did not end there because I also had to do a swim/bike brick today. But that was ok, it is like cross training, right?
I did some bands and paddles intervals and then few with bands only and they were horrible. My legs go straight to the bottom and then the swim (if I can call it that) looks very interesting. I had to start laughing which did not help neither. I am surprised that the guard did not jump in to save me from drowning. They are not doing very good job over there.

I need to plan this better for weeks to come. I still have not found the optimal way to spread the workouts throughout the week.

It started snowing again:( Almost all snow had been already gone and I was hoping the weather will stay like it has been for past couple days but no such luck:(


  1. I always plan my weekly workouts on Sunday evening, based on my schedule. I always alternate easy and hard days, and rarely go hard 2 days in a row. I typically do a hard run and a hard bike on Monday, an easy long run on Tuesday, a longer swim on Wednesday, a hard run and hard bike on Thursday, an easy run on Friday, a long run and a swim on Saturday and a long bike+short run (BRICK) and a swim on Sundays. It's a lot, but I rarely watch TV unless I work out:)

  2. I also TRY to plan my workouts as soon as I got them but if something unexpected comes up it becomes one huge mess.
    It is hard to plan three sports.
    I cannot even imagine doing it when one has a family. I have a great respect for you and all other mothers and wives!

    I do not even have TV so no concern there:)