Saturday, February 12, 2011

First time ever

It seems that recently I have a lot of first-time-ever happenings.

Today was the first time I did swim/bike/run in the same day.
Today was also my longest swim up-to-date (although I know I will beat it next week).

First I did a swim workout (4x (200, 100, 100) that was not that great because I was not able to hit my paces. I swam yesterday and it seems that my body cannot handle swim workouts on two consecutive days (yet). I also did 900yards with paddles, pure torture, that's a lot of yards with paddles, for me at least. I swam exactly 3000yards total. It is not much for many people but it is huge for me. If someone had told me few months ago I will swim that far I would not have believed.
I love the pool at the Y. Not really the pool itself but the fact that so far I have always had a line for myself. The pool is not crowded at all like I was expecting it to be.

Then immediately afterwards I hoped on a bike, because today was swim/bike brick. Some HR intervals that were not very hard though but I spent 1h30min riding!

Then I went to the grocery store to get some fresh food- I got apples and grapefruits (I love grapefruits) and Gatorade. Triathletes would be proud of me now. Because as a runner I do not usually drink and never eat during the workouts. But I was told that I needed to refuel during triathlon otherwise I will bonk big time, so I am going to give it a try next week on a bike.

And afterwards I rode (the car, I still can't believe it) to my favorite trail for a run. I was secretly hoping it will be groomed but no such luck. But there was a path made by people walking. It is not perfect but ok. I met 1 runner, couple of dog walkers and quite a bunch of xc skiers (too bad I do not have xc skies and it is not worth it to buy them for now). It just felt great to be out there, not on streets.
I had 6miles planned but then since weather and everything else was perfect and I felt great I decided to do 11miles today and do 6 tomorrow. (That way I can go skiing sooner tomorrow. If weather cooperates.))
Run felt effortless and just superb, although after 30min the path got very rough. It seems that only few people make it past 4ish miles and therefore snow got deeper with very unstable footing so I was moving pretty slowly from mile 4ish to 7ish.

So with 3000yards swim/90min bike/11 miles run, I feel pretty tired now and legs are screaming, but I need to show them who the boss is so they don't get too comfy with all the easy running I am doing this month.

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