Thursday, February 3, 2011

Of course I did not make it

I woke up to 4:50am, had another look at pool schedule and decided that I will rather stay up till 10:30pm than get up at 4:50am so I went back to sleep.

I was very productive at work and schedule myself few webmeetings about my thesis for next week and my boss invited me for sushi.

I was planning to run from work (3miles), drop my backpack off at home and add few more miles for a total of 60minutes. However, there is another intern at work who has a car (apparently German engineers are treated much better than Slovak business people) and he took me home.

So I did 60min afterwards, somewhere around the neighborhood. I felt great and was running at a good pace (so it felt). No ITB pain at all. When I was running yesterday and I stepped funnier or slid a bit I felt it, today not at all.

There were some classes at the Y pool till 8:35pm. Therefore by the time I was done with the workout it was 9:40ish.
Again a lot of paddles, band, pull buoy work. I can feel my muscles growing:) Not really but I am sure they are. I paid a lot attention not to drop left elbow. I also did quite a lot of side kicks and it is hard. Not so much kicking, but breathing. It is strange because when I was at outdoor pool in LA, no breathing problem. But indoors I am getting into "air debt". I wonder whether I am just imagining it or whether it has something to do with less oxygen indoor and chlorine in the air. It feels that swimming indoors is very different from outdoors, I feel very very slow indoors.

Then I walked home (sidewalks were better than yesterday, some other sections were plowed, but it is still not ideal. I wonder how it works with plowing here. Do people have to pay for the sidewalk in front of their houses to be plowed? I do not mean their driveways, but regular sidewalks. Because they are plowed in front of some house and not in front of the others. Weird. And it is very stupid because everything that got plowed yesterday or today is already dry because we has sunny weather today. Now it is 100m nice sidewalk, then 15m snow up to mid-calves etc) and now it is 10:50pm so I am going to sleep.


  1. Yes, people are responsible for shoveling the portion of the sidewalk in front of their houses (so, if they don't want to do it themselves, then they have to pay someone to do it). Sometimes if people are lucky and they live near a school or a library or something like that, then the town is required to shovel the sidewalk. Yep, I've lived among this stuff too long!

  2. What? That is just crazy. Where do taxes go then???

  3. You don't pay as high taxes here as in France or Scandinavian countries but over there you at least know what they use it for, like my business school scholarship for example, shhh.