Friday, February 25, 2011

Little kids

Aren't the little kids the funniest creatures ever?

Yesterday I was at the Y in the locker room. I have a pink lock, no special reason for that. And a small girl came up to me, she was maybe 3-4 years old, and she was holding a black lock. So she came up to me and handed me her black lock, saying that she did not like her black one, that she wanted a pink lock. She gave me her lock, took mine and off she went. I was laughing so hard.
Eventually her mom persuaded her that she cannot take my lock and promised her that she would buy her a pick lock next time they go to a store.

I was grocery shopping today (luxury of having a car:))and there was another small girl who was telling her mom about her invisible little horse. Mom asked her whether the horse was real and she said that of course it was, that it was just invisible and only she can see it. And then she went on saying that her horse loves carrots and apples.

I also saw one little guy screaming and throwing himself on a floor because his dad did not want to buy him something, which was not that cute and funny.

Today is a rest day (down week this week) so I have nothing to write about. I could also write about living in Mexico but I will keep that one for later.


  1. Moana totally would have wanted that pink lock.

  2. I know, she is a little princess :)

  3. In honour of this great post, i am getting la cocotte to leave you a comment:

    tutuunb 6r tr rc nnnnnnnnnn
    jhgggjgjh j

    hmmm i guess she is not feeling that chatty today. you'd be amazed at how many windows she inadvertently opened, including the html code for your blog, while typing that though.

    i owe you the next phase of your training plan! i have not forgotten.

  4. La cocotte is good! She knows how to open an HTML code page at age 1.5, impressive!:)

    Wait, I have one more week of February plan!?!? Have I messed it up. It started on Feb 6 and was for 4 weeks. The 4th week starts on Monday.
    I think it does not really matter, it is just base building. So I can either do that week (42 miles including 15 min tempo) and you don't have to worry about me for one more week and go sign La cocotte up for some pre-kindergarden IT classes or I can scratch it ( how disappointing it would be not to do tempo run:)) and I can start with a new phase.

  5. no you definitely should do the last week of the Feb. plan, I was just reminding myself in advance so i am not at the last minutes (like usual)

  6. Hm, ok, so I can start getting excited about tempo again...
    I got little confused because you mentioned the next phase kinda early, which is not exactly your style:)