Saturday, February 19, 2011

I wonder WHETHER I start to regret this

Couple random things to share:

1, I did 11 miles today, 8-and-a-small-change pace. Felt good, although my legs are still not used to long runs and I felt soreness afterwards, which vanished by now. I also did weight afterwards, legs only because I have swim workout tomorrow.

2, I have another proof that I am European. Apparently I am the only person who (has guts and )passes cars on one-lane roads. Nobody here does that?!?
Also, I am the only driver who on a highway or a two-lane road moves to the right lane to let the faster car pass. The American drivers do not have courtesy to do that, they keep going their slow speed in left lanes no problem and do not care about what's going on behind them. The Americans should go to Germany and see what driving on a highway really means! (There is no speed limit on most highways in Germany and you need to GO GO GO! Plus you are not allowed to ride in left lanes in Europe, unless you are passing cars.)

3, I did something incredible courageous, awesome, stupid, spontaneous today and that's what is causing my mixed feelings.
That extremely awesome thing that might prove very very stupid in few months is this:

I have been checking craigslist for bikes since I got here. More from the curiosity than anything else. And I saw IT this morning. 2008 Trek Pilot 10 with aerobars for sale. I talked with the guy, went to see the bike and bought it.
It is awesome, it fits me well, it is light and fast...well, at least compared to this.
The downside is that I have contract here only till the end of May and if I do not find a job here I will have to sell it or take it with me or I do not know what.
Other issue is that it is way out of my price range. It was not that expensive but it is definitely more expensive than a Walmart bike I was planning on buying.
But you know what? We live only once! I sleep on an airbed and use the box from that bed as my nightstand, so I am sure that I can make it. And I am sure that I am going to enjoy riding it a lot and that's what is the most important thing!

I talked with my sister and asked her for an advice. She told me that apparently I do not know her very well because she definitely was not a right person to ask because she would never buy a bike, of course (she has a sport scholarship in Arkansas, but is also the laziest person I have ever seen:). And she was like...Hm, don't you have like 3 bikes at home? Well, I do, but having a bike 6000 miles away from here won't make me a faster rider, will it?


  1. If you would have asked my advice you know what I would have said. Lol. That's a no-brainer in my book! :)

  2. Yay for the bike! Sometime impassivity is good, if you think too much about things, they may never happen. Now you are unstoppable!

  3. Exactly, sometimes you just can't think, just act:) People say that they usually regret things that they did not do, not things they did.
    I am living on my small excitement cloud now:)