Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bike, run and NEW strength training favorite

I had a great run today, 9 miles with 5 strides at the end. Just cruising on a snow-covered trail. But honestly, I wish the snow would melt because I need to start with speedwork and am worried that sooner or later I will break something doing that on uneven paths in snow!!!)

I don't feel good about driving 8 miles to trail 5x/week. It just does not sounds right. I wish I could walk there or ride a bike. Will have to wait couple more weeks to being able to do that.

Actually, before this nice easy run I did a bike workout. Hill climbs. Not real hill climbs because I was on a stationary bike, but I pretended to be hill climbing. It was reasonably hard because I did 3x10min imaginary hill climbs and that's pretty long. Those hills have really tightened my ITB though, hm.

To recapitulate, I did the bike workout, then went running and then came back to the Y for some weights and to take shower (is it weird that although I have been living here for 1 month now I have showered in my apartment only 4 times. I spend all my free time at the Y...I am lame.)
I think I found a new strength training favorite: assisted chin ups and bar dips (well, that's two favorites). I cannot perform a good-form chin-ups and dips on my own so this machine is a blessing. Love it!
I did 3 sets of 10-12 exercises of chin-ups, dips, something similar to rowing, then something else for biceps/triceps/chest, hip abduction, hip adduction, 3x1min plank and 20 side crunches. I was a legs-slacker today but I shut my conscience up by telling myself that those climbs and snow running were more than enough for legs.


  1. Um, the climbs and the run WERE more than enough for your legs. ;)

    I love that assisted chin up bar too! Good stuff. We will be careful with big gear work on the bike going forward. It can be tough in IT Bands.

  2. gosh, you sound like you are really strong with all the weight room stuff you do. i am such a wimp; just running.

  3. Mad, I am not strong, my arms are like two toothpicks, therefore I need to do weights to get some swimmers' muscles:)