Saturday, February 5, 2011

Week one

Today officially make the first week I am back in Michigan. I still have not unpacked my stuff, no time. You know how it looks in movies when some bad people go into someone's apartment looking for something and everything gets thrown out of all drawers and closets. So that's exactly how my living room looks like. Cloths everywhere and no space to put feet. It is a mess. I am usually not like this though.

I had to ship a package for my sister from parents for Xmas. It was only candy so it would have been probably cheaper if she just bought it herself but she said it would not be the same, so I said ok. So I walked to the post office, which took me 1hour.
And on my way home I stopped at the mall and I spent there almost 2 hours looking for new running shoes. I have had my current shoes since July (but I did track workouts in different shoes so they don't have that high mileage on them) so maybe it is time to get the second pair. It took me so long because I had to find the best deal. I bought a pair of Sauconys at the end. I have not had Saucony brand before so I decided to give it a try. Plus they were on sale. And this time I did not even get them in Kohl's or TJMaxx (because that's where I usually get my running shoes for $29.99). I got them at Sport's Authority, for $39.99 :)

Then I walked back home, took a short rest until I started to feel sleepy, which was not good and went to the Y to do a swim test. 10x100 with 10sec rest. It sounded intimidating and I had not idea what to expect since I have never done anything similar therefore I was somehow conservative. But it really was not that bad. Next time I so something similar I will know and perform better. I did it in 17:54, which is 1:38/100yards.
I felt pretty good, efficient and powerful. That paddle work is probably paying off.

Then I walked home and took Sauconys for a 60min run. I stayed in my apartment complex areal and did loops here. One loop took me around 5 min. Normally I would not do that, because these roads are completely cleared of snow and I would go somewhere where is snow for a softer surface. But since it had been snowing since noon today and road has not been plowed yet and it was pitch dark already, I stayed here. It was pretty good and I was lucky because with 10min to go the snow plow came and started clearing the road.
I did the first loop wearing those YakTrax things and let me tell you, it makes a huge difference. Much better traction than without it. But I am worried that they will fall apart, therefore I am going to save them for runs with some faster pace sections thrown in.

Oh crap, in Fed Cup Slovakia is loosing 2:0 against the Czech after the first day. Every time we loose something with the Czechs (which is, honestly, 99% of the time:)) they say that it was the "Czech complex". Such a bullshit, I am sure we are pass it now, it has been 18 years. I am hoping tomorrow we win all three matches and advance to semifinals.


  1. You are a fast swimmer! Great job! And so awesome about doing an olympic tri, you are going to rock it!

  2. Oh, so you like Yaktrax?? I bought a pair but still am unsure whether to use them or not. I'm afraid that they'll change my stride and I'll get injured (I get tendinitis easily if I change things up)...

  3. Mad, this was the first time I tried them and only for 5min. I also am worried they change my stride and screw things given my ITB history. But I am going to try to wear them for faster intervals and see how that goes. Dilema is, do intervals on cleared road (hard surface) or on snow with Yaktrax? I don't know which one is worse for me.

  4. Thanks AM, I don't know whether I will rock it I certainly will try my best. Then I will see whether I get hooked up or not to this triathlon thing:)

  5. Arghh...that is a tough one. You seem to need soft surfaces for harder efforts because of your ITB...I personally know I can never do a workout in Yaktrax; I would get so messed up. But everyone is so different.

    We just need to move to some place where we can train year round without trying to figure out ways to get our runs and workouts in!