Monday, January 31, 2011

Hello Michigan

I made it very uneventfully. No extra nights in different cities, flights on time, and even my suitcase made it almost untouched.

Actually I arrived already last night, but I moved to my new apartment only today. You remember my apartment from last summer? 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, furnished, 2 TVs. This apartment is just naked walls with few of the accessories I bought today.
I got spoiled last summer. Of course it was the company paying for it, but then my salary was lower. Now it is me paying for it and my salary is higher. This one is almost half the price, so I am not complaining, I can save than money.

I think I am pretty much all set here. Internet, water and electricity running, I got an airbed, a pillow and a comforter, a lamp, 8 hangers, I have two plates, a bowl, a glass, 2 knives, some utensils, 2 pots and food to last me at least 1 month (grocery store is over 5 miles from here, so I do not plan on going there often, just once a week to get some fresh food).
The only think I still need is a bike. They do not have a bike I want, all the others are too small for me. I found one that could be ok, but it is not a road bike and it is little too expensive. Problem is that I cannot even order that bike online because they are out of stock and if I order from a different store they won't assemble it and I prefer them assembling it because I have never assembled a bike brand new from the factory and some bike shop assembly will probably cost more that the actual bike. So I am not sure.

I also went to join YMCA. They have a promotion and I did not have to pay $150 sign-up fee, cool. So it is only $37/month, not bad. But it is around 4 miles from here and since I do no have either a car (starting tomorrow) nor a bike, and it is cold out, I am not too motivated to go there.

Since I have spent the whole day spending money on settling in, I did not have time to run or bike. It will have to wait till tomorrow.

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