Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Down to business

I'm a liar. I said that I would not run on a treadmill unless maybe tractors fall from the sky. Well, obviously no tractors were falling today but I joined the ranks of all those pussies that use treadmills in winter.
I was forced to because I did a bike/run brick and by the time I was done with a bike (w/up& 50min in 145-155 HR zone) it was pitch dark outside. I was planning on heading out and run in the neighborhood but I realized that I do not know that area at all and did not know whether it was safe enough (I heard stories...). I'm already risking my life way more that it is healthy so treadmill it was.

I set the incline to 1% (I read that on someone's blog), set 8min pace and off I was for 6 miles. It was my first real treadmill run (I tried it once couple years ago for 4 minutes or so just to see what it was). What do I think about treadmill run? It does not matter. You gotta do what you gotta do, no matter whether I like it or not, it is a pure business!
I am not sure whether my stride etc was different. ITB got tighter at the end but nothing too bad but I am still concerned.

So it seems I will have to do this every week until all the snow melts and I can run home on a road I know or until we get at least one more hour of light. Or until I get a car and will get extra 2 hours in my day that otherwise I spend walking/biking.


  1. I'm not much of a treadmill runner, but I have heard it's best to change up the incline every few minutes- helps to avoid overuse issues and injuries?

  2. ughh treadmills...but its better than nothing...