Monday, February 21, 2011

6 months & 3 weeks

3 weeks in a row when I hit 39 miles. Let me repeat that, 3 weeks of 39 miles!

It is not spectacular, but putting this into perspective it is awesome. Last time I hit 39 was one week in October; before Oct I was in high 20s or low 30s and after Oct I got hardly over 30miles/week.
Being able to do 3 weeks of 39miles is great! It has been 6 months now that I have not experienced almost any ITB issues. Of course there were few days when I felt it and had to take it easy for a couple days, but 6 months is a huge progress. For past 2 years I have run for 3 months and then have spent 1 month curing ITB. Now I got 6 months!!!

I am 49% sure it is a combination of low mileage and soft running surface.
I am 51% sure that it is only soft-surfaces related because even if I run low mileage but run on a road (or a treadmill, I tried it once), ITB starts bothering me.
So now I am hoping I could eliminate low mileage from the equation and get the mileage to 50s. 50miles is a breaking point- ITB hits when I get to 50 but I mostly ran on roads. 50s would be optimal, running-wise. Not sure how that would fit into triathlon training but for now let's be excited about running, shall we?
Now I am going to go find some wood to knock on it.

I was hoping to take my new bike out for a ride today (who cares that it is freezing out. Bad weather does not exist, only cloths not warm enough) but we got more than 20cm of snow overnight so the bike will have to wait for our first date.

Today was a rest day and I again did not deal with it very well- I ate a lot. At least that muffin cake was a spinach muffin cake, so somehow healthy:)

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