Wednesday, August 31, 2011

This is not good

I did an easy 40min run today and I found this small foresty area with some "trails". I went to check it out and it seems that it was not the brightest idea because apparently little ups and downs and tight corners are not good on my ITB.

After I was done I actually felt it. Actual pain. Not just pressure.
I felt pressure after the tri but then it was gone and it felt great again.

I do not think that it is serious. Icing and little rest is all it needs.
But what makes me worried is that one little race and one cross-country style run and it is all screwed up!

Did a swim afterwards. My right shoulder still kind of hurts. It was better after I warmed it up though.
I had some all-out intervals and I decided not to care about time at all. I did all of them as if each was my last one. It was pretty painful and hm...obviously I was slowly dying. But I liked it. Going as fast as I could without worrying about pace/time. Very freeing.

1 comment:

  1. "Very freeing". Yes. Love that.

    But ARGH about that damn IT band of yours. Must get that fixed from the root of the cause... No band-aids.