Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Miss Inconsistency

But I guess that it is better than being Miss Consistently Slow, right? I am talking about my swimming.

But let's start from the beginning. Since I am doing bike TT tomorrow I had to move my run to today, which led to bike, run and swim today.

Fortunately bike was pretty easy. Just 75 min easy with few sprints thrown in. However, since I did it early in the morning I was still half asleep and thus forgot about those sprints and remembered only when I was on my way home. So I did them all in last 4 min. Oh well, better than nothing I suppose:)

Then work.

Then track workout. I think that today was my best workout of this year so far. And the longest as well. 2 km warm-up, 5 X 1200 @ 3:40-3:45/1k pace (5:52-6:00/mile pace, 4:24-4:30/1200m), 2:30 complete recovery, 1200 m cool-down. 5.75 miles total. WOO-HOO!!!
I did it with a very fast friend who is doing her first Ironman at the end of the month. She does not have 5k speed but she has an incredible endurance. Thus although she fell back a bit on each of them she hang on tight andnd she pushed warm up and cool down:)
4:26, 4:27, 4:26, 4:24, 4:23.
I really felt great on all of them. Strong. Fast.
Although my arms hurt.
I thought that it would be very tought but no. Seems that I am becoming a stronger runner. Also 2.5min rest is pretty long. And since my mileage is pretty low my legs are fresh.

Then swim workout that I failed miserably. I went there little bit earlier hoping some lanes will be open because I had longer swim than usual. But nope. I had to sit there for over 20min and then had only 50min for a workout.
BUT I knew from the first stroke of the warm up that it was not going to work. My form was totally off. I rotated the whole body as I enterd the water with my hands and could not keep high elbow on my left arm. My left arm is weaker than the right one. Eventually I loosened up a bit so I worked only with arms without using the whole body but it was still very bad. My arms were just too tired.
My legs are strong enough from running thus I can do back-to-back runs/rides. But my arms, although it is much better than before, are not strong enough for that. Although sometimes it works. but yesterday probably took a lot out of me and left my arms completely trashed.
I tried to push through the workout but I was off my paces by 5-10sec/100 and my form was getting worse and worse.
So I did half the workout and called it quits. Rest would do me better I think.
So yeah, Miss Inconsistency. Frustrating. Why cannot I have strong swim workouts consistently instead of constantly being up and down???

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