Sunday, August 7, 2011

Maybe I should have bought a car

Because this is getting little ridiculous and I am somehow loosing my motivation to ride a bike for an hour to get to the lake, do the workout and ride back.

I would consider riding 16 miles pretty hard core a year ago. Now I do it, twice, just as a commute to my swim workout destination. But I do not consider it hard core, it is pain in the a$$ (sometimes literaly:))

I think that I complained about this two weeks ago as well, did not I? Well, do not listen to me, I am tired and hungry. Very bad combination:)

Fortunately I am very dedicated, stubborn, ambitious, self-disciplined and I promised the fast guy (you know, the one I want to I would like to marry one day) that I will crush him on a swim next August. He thinks that I am a freaking joke, because I am a girl...He is really sexist in this aspect.

I know that those long OW swims are helping me. Thus I need to do them!!!
Plus I feel accountable to Michelle. I think that she likes me because she can realize all her torturing (ops, did I say torturing? I meant coaching) plans in my training and I won't complain. Well, I will complain, about OW swim for example, but I will do it and she knows that in reality I love it.

I also ran today, 3.25miles at 7:25-30 pace. My total miles this week: 19miles. Yayayaya!!!

ITB update: I do not feel it at all! It is 100%!!! The only time I feel it is when pushing very big gear on a bike, thus I need to be careful about that. But running does not irritate it anymore. Now I need to be super carefull so it stays that way! We are slowly increasing my mileage but still keeping most of it in form of a speedwork.
I have a tri in 2 weeks, hopefully running a 10k (80% is on a road) won't mess it up again. But I do not think so.


  1. Um, you cannot marry a man who is sexist. I veto that.

    And yes, I was thinking today, in the midst of a ridiculous run I was doing, that I might have 3-4 athletes that I can REALLY push... who can take it an absorb it and not curl up into a little ball and feed on pancakes to compensate (or maybe you do feed on pancakes?) Lol.

  2. Ok, ok, I won't marry him. But I am sure you will like the email I got from him today when I asked a question about a computrainer:
    "Stop wasting your time with all that crap and go ride your bike!" Ideal husband, don't you think?

    And I feed on muffins and brownies, not pancakes.