Sunday, August 7, 2011

My own guide to getting used to a new bike

Take it easy to give your body (by body I mean mostly bottom parts) time to slowly get used to it? Please. You know me by now, don't you?

So, buy a new bike.
Do a loop in a bike shop parking lot.
Bring it to a friend's basement directly from there.
Set it up on a computrainer.
Choose IM Wisconsin bike course (
And ride that for 3 hours (staring at HR monitor and powermeter and get depressed about your pathetic wattage).

My parents are going to be soooo pissed about this. But whatever makes me happy.
My siter suggested that I should have bought a car instead because now I am an idiot with 3 bikes but no car.
But each of us has different priorities and mine are obviously little skewed according to her.
But I got a good deal on a bike from local shop and they allow financing so I should be still able to afford some food:)

Anyway, back to my ride.
It felt pretty comfotable at first, but of course then it got less and less comfortable. As you can see from the picture, we put it into quite an agressive aeroposition (it did not get fitted for me, they just took few measurements to somehow fit it. It is size 56 by the way, 58 would have been too big for me). Thus I have spent only around 50min in aero. But sure, I was not expecting it to be an overly enjoyable ride. New bike. Tri bike! New saddle. Aggresive aero.

First 30min were good, then next 30min were miserable, but then last 2 hours were good once I was warmed up. My bottom started to hurt after around 80min. But it ok, I am a "tough guy".
I think that I need to play with seat position little bit. I will see how it feels when I out of a road.

The bad thing about being on a computrainer was that I was able to see my wattage for the first time. It was pretty pathetic I think. But I was being a good athlete. I was supposed to cap my HR at 150 and 150 for me is pretty low (and slow) since I am a) not overly aerobically fit, b) like a baby with HR 220 while napping. I can keep 165+ for hours. Wisconsin is a challenging course they say with some decent hills thus 150 meant moving at 6mph and 100 watts. So seeing my wattage and speed go down and down and down was pretty bad. I am working on keeping my ego in check and this was a good practice:) Thus 3hours with 5x3min hard efforts, average HR 150, speed 16.9mph (oh, geez), average watts 176.

I was supposed to run afterwards but since I was babysitting I could not do that.
I am off to OW swim now and I will run afterwards. You can only imagine how thrilled I am about riding for an hour to get to the lake and another hour back.


  1. WOW that is so sweet... 3 bikes and no car. You are awesome! :) Sell your old road bike though and buy yourself some food.

    It'll take a while to get used to sitting in that position but you'll get it and eventually it won't hurt. Then it will hurt again because you'll be riding so much you'll get little rub marks/sores so then you'll have to start investigating different chamois creams. Those things are awesome.

    How often are you going to be able to go get on that computrainer?

  2. Yeah, sweet indeed:)
    Unfortunately I cannot sell the road bike because some of my commuting to places is too long to ride my crappy mountain bike and obviously I am not going to commute on my tri bike. Thus each bike has a purpose.

    I will not be able to get onto that computrainer very often because it is 20miles from me and I do not have a car:) I only used it because I was babysitting. I wish I had a car!