Saturday, August 13, 2011


I did my first real ride on my new bike and let me tell you, it is fast. Much faster than my crappy road bike. So that's exciting.

Also keeping HR at 170 is easier outside than on a trainer. At least when you are on a nice smooth uninterrupted road as I was today. And perceived effort is lower.
To wrap it up, I had a great ride today!

I followed it by a run. You see, my running plan called for a long run: 5 miles (yeah, that's the longest continuous run I have done since tri in May!!!). And Michelle instructed me that she wants to see a solid 20-30 min effort after the bike. So I figured that 5miles at 7:15ish min pace should count as solid effort. However, as I started running I was at 7:05, 1 mile later I was at 6:55 and it felt good. Solid effort. Hm, what the heck. So I just kept plugging along for 5miles at 6:55 pace.

It sounded like a great idea while I was doing it. But now coming to think of it, I realized that I just run 5 training miles at the same pace I ran 6miles in the tri in May. So maybe it was little too fast. But it is ok, I feel good and even if I did not I have 1 whole week to recover before the race.

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  1. Yay! Glad you love your new bike. and nice run! rest up! This week will be shorter. not necessarily easier. well, a little easier.